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  • Should I buy a car in the summer?

    When is a good time to buy? Should you buy in summer? In the late summer many dealerships seek to move out current cars and make room for the new models. This is around the time you can find large discounts and near-zero-percent finance rates but such deals might not always be a smart move. If you buy one of these discounted cars it will be ... Read More

  • GPS: For your Driving Safety

    A Global Position System (GPS) can save you from getting lost on a dark highway or being late for a meeting. Having a GPS is beneficial to your safety as a driver in many ways but you can be easily distracted and if your attention is on the GPS more than the road this can cause an accident. Here are a few tips to let a GPS improve your ... Read More

  • Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A Minivan

    Minivans are among the most useful vehicles on the road in Brockville. Take a look at some of these reasons why owning a minivan can be a life-enriching experience. Sliding doors and minivans go together, you just don’t see a many van without one. They are a lot easier to open or close than the regular doors and are more convenient ... Read More