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  • Spring Maintenance

    The harsh winter months can take a serious toll on your vehicle, spring is the time to make it up to your car for its endurance. For some things you will definitely have to take it into a repair shop but there are many other things you can do yourself to help your vehicle get back to 100%. Things like your engine, you should have it ... Read More

  • Driving & Multi-tasking

    According to research, we are not able to multi-task, even though we may think we’re capable of doing so. Based on how our brains work we’re just not capable of performing two tasks simultaneously. What actually happens, is that the brain handles tasks sequentially, switching back and forth. The brain is capable of juggling ... Read More

  • Should I buy a car in the summer?

    When is a good time to buy? Should you buy in summer? In the late summer many dealerships seek to move out current cars and make room for the new models. This is around the time you can find large discounts and near-zero-percent finance rates but such deals might not always be a smart move. If you buy one of these discounted cars it will be ... Read More