Don't Buy A "Used Car" - Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Instead


If you're looking for used cars in Brockville, you might be looking in the wrong places. People look for 'used cars' on eBay, or local want ads, because they want to get a vehicle for cheap.

The thing is you really get what you pay for. That used car may have a questionable history, or repairs that haven't been properly documented, or just hasn't been kept up very well. A used car bought from a random stranger online could easily turn into a costly money pit.

However, there's an alternative: Certified pre-owned vehicles, from an authorized auto dealer. When you buy certified pre-owned, you'll still be paying far less than you would for a new car, while receiving nearly all the benefits of buying new!

Four Benefits You Get from Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle in Brockville

1 - Full inspections and reconditioning

The point of certified pre-owned vehicles is that they've been thoroughly inspected and repaired by the dealership selling them. In most cases, they're almost as good as new. Worn out parts have been replaced, and they're guaranteed to run well for years.

2 - Warranty coverage

You don't get a warranty when you buy off eBay! Since the vehicle has been inspected and certified by authorized shops, the dealer can offer real warranty coverage that protects your investment. This by itself is usually worth far more than whatever you'd save by buying from some random person online.

And, of course, that warranty will include parts and repairs for the term, adding to the value.

3 - Financing options

If you're buying a used car online, you probably have no option but to pay cash - making it a pretty expensive up-front investment. However, when you buy certified pre-owned from an authorized dealership, you get access to most of the same financing options you would get if buying new. That makes buying a used car much easier to afford!

In some cases, the dealership may even allow you to lease a certified pre-owned vehicle, for even more savings.

4 - Certified pre-owned holds its value better

Since certified pre-owned vehicles start off in much better shape than typical used cars, that means they hold onto their value as well. When it comes time to sell or trade in, you should be able to get more of your investment back.

1000 Islands Toyota has a huge selection of excellent certified pre-owned Toyotas in stock. Don't buy a random used car in Brockville - buy certified for the best value!