How To Buy Used Cars in Brockville at A Fair Price

When shopping for a used vehicle, how do you know you're getting a reliable vehicle at a fair price?  Buying used cars can save you a lot of money, however, you need to do plenty of research into both the vehicle and the seller if you're going to truly get a good deal!

So, we've put together a guide to the most important factors to consider when purchasing used cars in Brockville. Shop smart, and you'll purchase a vehicle that will last for years.

Six Ways To Get The Best Deal When Buying Used Cars In Brockville

1 - Buy certified pre-owned

Want to buy a used car the easiest way possible? It's simple: vist a dealership and ask about certified pre-owned vehicles. At 1000 Islands Toyota, we’re proud to provide CarProof reports for all used vehicles.

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is the most trustworthy option.  You'll get a vehicle that is guaranteed to be restored to factory specs, and likely with warranty protection as well.

Certified pre-owned is sometimes more expensive than buying a used vehicle on the open market, but you'll have so much more peace of mind knowing you can rely on your vehicle. For many buyers, this is the way to buy at a lower price and still feel safe and secure.

2 - Decide on a car beforehand

If you simply go onto eBay or a similar site and type in "used cars," you'll get so many options that it's dizzying. We suggest going in with a clear idea of what vehicle you want.

There's no shortcut here - you'll need to do a lot of research and think about your needs in advance. However, if you can narrow your choices down to a handful of makes and models, your final decision will be much easier to make later on.

3 - Research the model history of your chosen cars

Making a smart used car purchase means doing extra legwork. Even if you've decided, for example, that you want a Toyota Corolla, you still need to decide which year Corolla, as well as which specific model(s) will meet your needs.  This is critical because every model year of a vehicle is a little different, and they age differently as well.  Some will age better than others and/or be less prone to technical problems due to age.

You'll want to do extensive research into these matters, to ensure the used car you choose will still be reliable once it's back out on the road. Plus, of course, the older a vehicle is, the more maintenance is required to keep it operating safely and smoothly.

Don't forget to factor in availability of parts as well! The last thing you want is a vehicle where replacement parts are out of production (they can cost a fortune on the second-hand market.)

4 - Finding your own financing

If you happen to be sitting on a pile of cash and plan to buy your car outright, skip ahead.

However, most people will still need financing even when buying a used vehicle.  If you aren't going through a dealership, you will likely need to acquire financing on your own.  For those who are unfamiliar, this means doing your own research by calling banks and discussing their various options for financing a used vehicle.

Be aware - banks may charge higher interest rates when financing a used vehicle, since they depreciate more quickly and are generally considered a 'riskier' purchase.

(This is another reason that Certified Pre-Owned is a good idea - you get access to the dealership's financing options too.)

5 - Research the seller

We'll be honest: buying used cars directly from private sellers is an extremely risky move.  It's a true 'let the buyer beware' situation.  Even if you choose not to go through an official dealership, you'll be better off if you stick to companies that specialize in selling pre-owned vehicles.  That way, you'll be able to research their business and history to determine that they're reliable.

Otherwise, if it's a private transaction, what you see is what you get. And if the car develops problems later, you won't be able to hold the seller accountable.

On the topic, you also want to research the specific car you're buying. Groups like Carfax allow you to input the car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to learn its history, such as whether it's been in any major accidents. This can also be a good way to verify the reliability of the seller. If they say the car hasn't been in an accident, but its CarProof (or other documents) say otherwise, they're trying to take you for a ride.

You'll also be provided with information on its title status, which is critical in making sure that you aren't unknowingly purchasing a stolen vehicle. Look out for 'too good to be true' pricing - if they're selling way below expected cost, there's a reason they want to get rid of it quickly.


We can't emphasize this enough. Unless you're only buying a car for parts, you should never buy a used vehicle from any source without giving it a thorough test drive. This is true even if you're buying certified pre-owned from a dealership. You need to know that the car handles and performs well in as many situations as you can test.

Needless to say, if the seller balks at letting you test-drive the car, it's certain that they're covering something up. Walk away and find a more reliable source.

Come To 1000 Islands For The Best In Brockville Used Cars

We've built our reputation as the best source in the area for Toyotas, both new and used. We have an extensive selection, as well as highly trained and certified mechanics who ensure your used vehicle is safe.

Don't gamble on private sellers. Buying Certified Pre-Owned is by far the safest option for buying used cars in Brockville. Contact us to learn more, or arrange a test drive of your favorite vehicle!