How To Negotiate Like A Pro When Buying Used Cars In Brockville

If you're looking to buy a car without paying more than you have to, looking into used cars in Brockville is a very good idea. Used vehicles can offer all the benefits of a new car, at lower prices, potentially allowing you to get a great deal.

  1. getting the best deal on a used car isn't easy, and it will depend on how you proceed once you've narrowed down a vehicle and a seller. You'll want to do plenty of research, and also think about your tactics during the negotiation itself.

These are some of our best tips for getting a great deal on a Brockville used car.

Great Ways To Negotiate Your Way To A Great Deal On Used Vehicles

1 - Always be willing to walk away

This is good advice when buying any used item, cars or otherwise. Never get so attached to a particular car or seller that you aren't willing to walk away if things go south. Yes, this might mean "wasting" a lot of time and research getting to that point, but it's still better than ending up with a lemon of a car (or worse).

Plus, threatening to walk away can be an effective negotiation tactic, but don't overdo it. Pull this trick more than once or twice, and the seller may decide to walk away from you instead.

2 - Look up the car's Vehicle Identification Number

Once you're looking at a specific car to buy, you want to get its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which is almost always on the dashboard in front of the driver. Every car has a unique VIN, and this can be put into sites such as CARFAX which can then pull up all public records relating to that car.

A CarProof report via CARFAX will include traffic accidents, insurance claims, and - most importantly - current title status. You definitely want to verify that the seller is the legal owner of the car!

Knowledge from the car's history can give you a lot of leverage in negotiations. Cars that have been in accidents are prone to breakdown, for example, which can be used to lower the price. Also, it allows you to keep the seller honest. If they say one thing, but the car's public history says something else, you may want to find someone more trustworthy to buy from.

3 - Ask probing questions of the seller

This is an effective tactic when dealing with private sellers. Ask questions like:

  • Why are you selling the car?
  • How many miles are on it? (Check this against the Carfax odometer report to see if they're being honest.)
  • What maintenance records can you provide?
  • What issues have you had with the vehicle?

It's situational, but their answers can often give you additional leverage for haggling the price down. Ie, if they're selling the car because they need money, they're probably pretty desperate to sell and will likely accept a lower price.


Never, ever buy a used car without giving it a good test drive first. This is absolutely critical. If you buy without driving, you have no idea how well it's going to perform - and if it has problems, you'll have no recourse.

While you're on the test drive, here's a smart tip: get the car washed at a power-washing station. Why? Because that will let you check for any leaks, such as around the window seals. If any water makes its way into the car, that points to maintenance problems. It might be a dealbreaker, or it might just be another bit of leverage to lower the price.

On the topic of water...

5 - Check for water damage

Many types of accidents and incidents will end up in the CarProof report, but flooding or other water damage probably won't. You'll want to examine the car manually for any signs of flood damage.

This includes:

  • Water lines on the engine or interior
  • Unexpectedly nice/new carpeting and upholstery. At the least, ask the buyer why it was reupholstered.
  • Look for rust on the rails under the seats, with a flashlight and\or mirror. People trying to cover up water damage often overlook this.
  • Check the spare tire and crowbar in the trunk, if they're there. They'll also often show overlooked signs of water damage.

A flooded car isn't an automatic dealbreaker, but it does increase the likelihood of problems later on. Plus, this is another source of leverage for lowering the price.

6 – Be Firm on the Advertised Price

This can be a way of shaving a few extra hundred dollars off a car that often can just spring up out of nowhere when a seller attempts to increase the price once you’re there. Our 1000 Islands Toyota team offers no-haggle pricing so you never have to worry about that occurring.

Sometimes if the seller wants $29,800, and you show up with a cashier's check for $29,300 instead, they will sometimes take the deal when they're staring at almost as much money as they wanted to make.

Of course, it's also risky, and if the seller refuses to sell below the agreed price, you'll have to go exchange the bank check for the full amount, which will cost you extra fees. The seller may not be too happy with you either, which is a consideration if you think you'll ever deal with them again.

For An Easy Used Car Buying Experience, Go Certified Pre-Owned!

If buying a Brockville used car on the open market seems like a hassle, there's a better alternative: certified pre-owned from an authorized dealership! Certified pre-owned vehicles are reconditioned and guaranteed to be up to spec, so you can buy knowing the car is reliable. Better yet, they usually come with warranty protections, and you typically get access to the dealership's financing system rather than having to negotiate your own loan.

If you want the best in used cars in Brockville, 1000 Islands Toyota has an expert staff and an impeccable reputation. Click here to contact us about your dream car.