Keep Your Used Toyota Running Well with These Easy Tips

If you need another vehicle, looking into used cars in Brockville is a great way to find a superior value, while still buying a car that will last you for years.  Buying a dealer-certified preowned vehicle means you get a car that is refurbished up to factory spec, basically as good as new.  Considering how much you can save on used cars; this is often the best choice.

Of course, to get the most out of your purchase, you want your car to run well for as many years as possible. There are a lot of ways that you, as the owner/driver, can help extend the lifespan of your used Toyota. Let's talk about some of the best ways to keep your car in great condition for years to come.

Six Easy Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Used Cars

1 - Regular cleaning

Keeping your car shiny and clean is about more than just its appearance. When a car is covered in dirt, that dirt acts as an abrasive and will start wearing away at your paint. Other materials can be a problem as well. Bird droppings, for example, are mildly corrosive and can also damage your paint job. In worst-case scenarios, damaged paint could potentially allow water to make its way into the car's frame and start rusting.

Keeping your car clean, and waxing it on occasion, will help it maintain its value and stave off the need for repaints.

Along the same lines, we also recommend buying a car cover and making use of it whenever you expect your car to be parked for more than a few days. There's a lot that can happen when a car is unattended, and a good cover can prevent many types of damage.

2 - Always use the parking brake when needed

The parking brake on your car is, of course, an important feature to keep your car rolling away - but it also helps take some of the burden off your main brakes. This is particularly true if you're parking on an incline.  Relying on the wheel brakes and gearbox alone to hold it in place will put a lot of additional strain on your car, increasing the chances of equipment failure.

This can also be useful if you're stopped at a stoplight at the top of an incline.  Putting on the parking brake while you wait similarly reduces wear on the brakes.

3 - Constantly monitor your oil

If there's one mistake we see car owners make over and over, it's not staying on top of their car's lubrication.  Your car must have a good supply of clean oil to keep its parts moving freely, without unnecessary friction or heat buildup. Remember, even if the oil is technically within safe levels, it could still be dirty - which also creates friction and heat.

That's why we recommend getting an oil change approximately every 5,000 miles.  Oil changes are quick and cheap, compared to fixing major engine damage.

4 - Monitor your tire pressure

It's easy to forget about your tires, but maintaining the amount of air in them is important for extending the longevity of your car.  If the air pressure drops too low, they start requiring a lot more force from the engine to move properly. That's also a safety problem since low-pressure tires will have a harder time maintaining traction and giving you full control of the car.

Your owner's manual will specify the right pressure for your tires. Check them at least once a month and make sure they're inflated to spec.

5 - Warm up the engine, especially in cold weather

When you start up your car and then immediately try to push the engine, that creates a lot of extra stress and wear on the engine. Starting the car and allowing it to sit idle for a few minutes before any hard-driving, will go a long way towards protecting it from unnecessary damage.

This is particularly true in the winter when temperatures are low. The engine needs to warm up, otherwise, it could suffer from thermal shock in going from low-temp to high-temp in a short amount of time.

6 - Avoid hard acceleration and braking

Whenever possible, apply the minimal amount of pressure to your pedals to accomplish the acceleration and braking you need.  Slamming the pedals when it isn't absolutely necessary creates a lot of additional wear on the car. 

In addition, hard acceleration and braking is also super bad for your gas mileage, so you can save money this way too! There's really no reason to be rash or hard on your car in everyday driving, except in genuine emergencies.

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