Which Toyota RAV4 Is the Best Purchase?

When people want an excellent vehicle that can haul plenty of people and cargo, while being effective on-road and offroad, there's one easy choice: The Toyota RAV4. It's more powerful and more-feature packed than other alternatives like the Honda CR-V, while also including an absolutely state-of-the-art safety package that few other vehicles can match.

However, times are tough, and people are looking for the best value for their money. So that raises another question: which Toyota RAV4 is going to be the best investment? In particular, should you invest in a new 2022 RAV4 in Brockville, or stick to the slightly cheaper 2021 model?

Let's take a look at the differences.

Major Differences Between The 2021 And 2022 Toyota RAV4

In truth, there aren't too many differences between the 2021 and 2022 models. Unfortunately, due to all the economic disruption of the last couple of years, prices on the 2022 versions have gone up a bit. So, the short answer is all things being equal, you're probably going to be fine buying the slightly cheaper 2021 model. You might even be able to find a used model.

For a more detailed breakdown:

1 - Price

The prices for 2022 models have gone up slightly, but not by much. Depending on the model, it's between $175 and $350 extra to get the 2022 RAV4. This probably won't make much of a difference for most people, but hey, three hundred bucks saved is still three hundred bucks.

2 - The SE Hybrid trim

There's one new model variation in 2022 - the SE Hybrid trim.  This is a midrange model, with prices starting at $32,945, which puts it between the XLE Premium and XSE models. Overall features and power are comparable to other SE Hybrids, and this particular model comes with monochrome paint, a nice 7-inch touchscreen, and six stereo speakers around the cabin. Options include heated seats, rain-sensing wipers, as well as options such as a moonroof or power liftgate.

3 - Cosmetics

There have been tweaks to the appearance of various 2022 RAV4 models. XLE and better models have nicer-looking headlines, and the XLE Premium has LED fog lights as well. Interior lamps are also LED now, and XLE models get fully illuminated switches on the interior.

Visit 1000 Islands Toyota in Brockville

If you're looking for an amazing vehicle for on- and off-road driving, the Toyota RAV4 will fit the bill, whether you go for the 2021 or 2022 models.

To test drive the RAV4 for yourself in Brockville, just contact 1000 Islands Toyota!