Why Should You Consider Hybrid Cars in Brockville?

Hybrid cars are a hit and continue to sell more and more vehicles every year. 2021 saw record-breaking sales of hybrid vehicles, and 2022 looks like it'll do the same.  After all, hybrids offer numerous benefits over both gasoline and fully electric vehicles (EVs), making them a 'best of both worlds' combination that drivers love!

Is it the right time for you to consider hybrid cars in Brockville? Let's take a look at some of the major benefits.

Why It's Time to Buy A Hybrid Car In Brockville

First, to be clear: A hybrid vehicle is one that contains both a gasoline engine, as well as electric motors. They seek to offer the performance and response of a gas engine, while still bringing the fuel efficiency and ease of use that comes with an EV. This allows them to have benefits over either type of engine alone.

1 - Fuel efficiency

While hybrid vehicles do still use gasoline, they use far less gas than a regular car. Miles per gallon can easily exceed 50MPG, which is far beyond what you'd ever see from a fully gas-powered vehicle.

2 - Regenerative braking

One of the best aspects of a hybrid vehicle is that it can recharge its batteries by recapturing energy that would otherwise be lost during braking.  Whenever you brake in a car, a lot of heat is created, which typically is just lost. Hybrids can make use of this excess heat, turning it back into electricity for even better energy efficiency.

3 - Long-term cost savings

It's true that hybrids do typically cost 10%-15% more than an equivalent gas-powered vehicle, but you'll make that up over time thanks to the fuel cost savings.  With gasoline prices absolutely skyrocketing in 2022, that's truer today than ever before. 

4 - Superior range

One of the biggest concerns with EVs is their limited battery space. Now, EV batteries are getting better every day, but still, if the battery runs dry, you're stuck.  Since hybrids contain both engine types, they have superior range - often better than either of the alternatives. If one motor runs out of power, the other can typically take over, at least long enough to get to a refueling/recharging station.

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In short, hybrids are great for the environment and great for your wallet! If you're in the market for new or used hybrid cars in Brockville, come by 1000 Islands Toyota and test drive some of our excellent Toyota hybrids!