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4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car at Your Local Dealership

So, you’ve been saving up your money, and now you’re finally ready to begin looking at cars. Before you sign an agreement and purchase a used car, make sure you know the right questions to ask at the dealership once you arrive.

Ask These Four Questions at the Dealership Before You Buy a Used Car

  • Can I take the car for an independent inspection?

Make sure you’re able to take the car to an auto mechanic that you trust. If the dealership doesn’t allow you to take the used car away, bring the mechanic with you to view the car. They’ll know the car maintenance issues and the considerations to make when buying a used vehicle.

  • Do you take trade-ins?

Trade-ins can you help you offset the purchase price of the used car. Find out if you can offer a trade-in for the used vehicle before you agree to a final purchase price. You may discover that you can trade-in your current vehicle and pay less for your preferred option.

  • How long of a test drive can I take?

The test drive will be important in deciding whether you wish to buy the vehicle. There are some elements that cannot be assessed with a visual or mechanical review alone. So, make sure you take the vehicle for a test drive. Watch for how the vehicle handles on various local roads and look for elements such as brake response and drive comfort. During the test drive, you should also consider interior vehicle features. Test out technology such as parking assistance systems and lane change alerts.

  • Can I see the CARFAX Canada Report?

CarProof Canada provides reports detailing important information about the vehicle’s history. Details about past accidents and any liens on the car will be in the CarProof Canada report. Ask to see the report and review the details before you move forward with the purchase. If the seller doesn’t have a report, ask for the VIN so you can access the report directly.

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