Ontario Toyota Dealers

Our team at 1000 Islands Toyota has many decades of combined experience in the vehicle sales marketplace. This means we can respond to all types of buyer, whether you’re seeking out an older model sedan or a newer model SUV. Our vehicle sales team also offers access to one of the largest used vehicle inventories across the region. And as one of the top Toyota dealers in Ontario, we’re able to help answer any question you might have on the path to finding that perfect vehicle for you.

1000 Islands Toyota Offers:

  • Unique Vehicle Expertise
    Beyond our commitment to working with individuals to help them find their ideal car, we also offer expertise on each unique model. Our experience in the marketplace is second-to-none, and means we can answer all your questions. You might be searching for a low mileage family vehicle that offers luxury comfort. Or a stylish vehicle that combines durability with affordable performance. 1000 Islands Toyota is ready to help you select quality used vehicles built for you.
  • No Haggle Pricing
    It’s been something our customers have requested for some time, and now we’re offering no haggle pricing on all our used vehicles. We’re one of the first Toyota dealers in Ontario to offer this service to used vehicle buyers, and it’s how we can help you save thousands on your used vehicle purchase. We research the local industry carefully, and provide you with a transparent no-haggle price for your vehicle, based on the lowest pricing industry-wide.
  • Parts and Service Guidance
    Beyond our sales work, you can also entrust us for parts and service guidance. This helps us support you as a vehicle buyer in multiple ways. Firstly; you’ll be able to work with a company that has both sales and service experience so that you’ll have all potential repair information available up-front before you purchase. And secondly; you’ll be able to maintain the relationship with our service team throughout your vehicle ownership lifetime. This ensures you’re working with a trusted, experienced vehicle expert as you save money during both your purchase and all future maintenance.

1000 Islands Toyota has become one of the foremost Toyota dealers in Ontario by offering fair marketing pricing and one of the finest inventories of used vehicles. To discuss your used vehicle needs with an in-house expert, contact us today at (613) 342-9111.

Once A Toyota, Always A Toyota

From a meticulously detailed inspection to a free tank of gas, a used vehicle from our dealership will provide you with unrivaled peace of mind and years of satisfaction.