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Why Toyota Hybrid

Toyota hybrids cars don’t compromise on power or performance. They recharge on the go, so they never need to be plugged in. They require no additional routine maintenance or change in driving and fueling habits. And they help you reduce your carbon footprint with every kilometre. In fact, since 1997, Toyota’s hybrid car lineup has prevented over 94 million tons of CO2 emissions globally.

With multiple award-winning models to choose from, there’s a new or used Toyota hybrid car to match your lifestyle. So why not get one today?

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Powerful Performance

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Toyota hybrids cars are designed to offer similar, sometimes greater, levels of performance than their conventional gas counterpart.

No Need To Plug-In

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Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system charges the battery in two ways, and neither require you to plug your vehicle in.
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Extended Range

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Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), such as the Prius Prime, can optionally be plugged in for extended electric-only range. In fact, Prius Prime can travel up to 1,035 km* with a full tank of gas and a full electric charge.
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Be Part Of A Movement

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Choosing a new or used Toyota hybrid car makes you part of a movement toward sustainable modes of transportation. Toyota is committed to making a positive net impact, through the reduction of emissions by new Toyota vehicles by 90% in comparison to 2010 levels, by 2050.

Winter Ready

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Toyota hybrids have been extensively tested in cold weather — so they’re ready to take on whatever a Canadian winter might bring.

Batteries Designed To Last

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Over 98% of Toyota hybrid vehicles sold in Canada since 2001 have never had their original battery replaced. All hybrid components, including the hybrid battery, are backed by an 8-year/160,000 km warranty.

New and Used Hybrid Cars from 1000 Islands Toyota 

Hybrid cars, also known as hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) help drivers cut back on fuel costs and emissions while still enjoying nearly all of the advantages of owning a traditional vehicle. You can travel just as far and there’s no need to plug in or recharge your hybrid car along the way. 

At 1000 Islands Toyota we carry a variety of today’s leading hybrid vehicles that: 

  • Require No Additional Maintenance: All the new and used hybrid cars from Toyota require the same normal maintenance schedule as any traditional, fully gas-powered vehicle.

  • Help the Environment: Depending on your trips and driving routine, you can spend much of your time behind the wheel operating your hybrid car on zero-emissions and zero-fuel driving. 

  • Recharge Themselves: Unlike fully-electric vehicles that need to be hooked up to charging machines to recharge their batteries, hybrid cars recharge themselves as you drive. 

  • Are Efficient & Quiet: Toyota’s hybrid cars are designed with electric motors that offer instant acceleration and torque but still boast a whisper-quiet ride. 

  • Make Driving Easy: With the hybrid cars from Toyota, you simply get in and go. The hybrid electric powertrains automatically work in the background while your car’s in operation, so there’s no noticeable change to your driving experience. 

  • Are a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Option: Since 1997, Toyota has been at the forefront of electric vehicle creation and to date has drastically helped reduce global carbon emissions, preventing over 94 million tons of CO2 emissions. 


How Toyota Hybrid Cars Work

Well, now that you’ve heard about some of the benefits of our new and used hybrid cars, we want to provide some insight into how they work and what truly sets them apart from other hybrid vehicles on the market! 

By combining a gas engine and electric motor, a hybrid Toyota automatically switches between the two to provide the optimal vehicle efficiency settings for the road and route you’re on. All the while, the vehicle’s rechargeable battery is recharging itself while you drive. 

  • Powering Up Your Vehicle
    When you turn on your car, only the electric motor is used, meaning minimal emissions, fuel savings, and optimal torque. 

  • Driving & Cruising 

    For the most seamless driving experience, the gas and electric motor work in tandem, providing the ideal power and a seamless acceleration experience. The excess energy created during driving is then stored in your car’s battery for future use. 

  • Reversing & Resting

     When your hybrid car is stopped, the gas engine turns off to save fuel, unless your car’s battery is running low. Additionally, if reversing at a low speed, it will only utilize the vehicle’s electric motor. 


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