New and Used Electric Cars in  Brockville, Ontario 

Toyota is on the cutting edge of new electric car design, and 1000 Islands Toyota is proud to stock today’s latest and greatest models. We believe in providing the consumer with all of the most sustainable eco-friendly, efficient new or used electric car options on the market that employ a variety of different electrical technologies and drive trains including: 

  • Battery-Powered Electric Cars: This type of electric car is powered solely by electricity and requires plugging in to recharge at the end of the day or after long drives. However, it also recharges the battery as you drive using regenerative braking technology. 

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Cars: These unique electric cars utilize hydrogen as their energy source to power durable electric motors. The only by-product emitted by the process is a little bit of water from the tailpipe. 

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles: HEVs harness the energy of a gas engine combined with an electric motor as a power source but the battery recharges as you drive, eliminating the need for recharging it. 

  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: These hybrid electric cars function much like HEVs, the only difference being that you have the option of plugging them in to charge them if you want to solely use the electric motor. 


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At 1000 Islands Toyota, it’s our experienced team’s goal to help you find the exact car you’re looking for, no matter the type of new or used electric car you want. Visit our showroom today or contact us online or call (613) 342-9111 to learn more about our inventory!