5 Things You Need to Know About the New 2020 Toyota RAV4


The new 2020 Toyota RAV4 is here, and 1000 Islands Toyota has it.  This perennial favorite has consistently been among the best-selling passenger vehicles in North America, earning an incredible reputation among everyone who's owned one.  Once someone buys a RAV4, they tend to keep buying RAV4s whenever it's time for an upgrade.  They're just that solid!

Does the new 2020 model stand up to the past?  Absolutely! Plus, it’s got all new features and accessories you don’t want to miss out on.  Here are just a few reasons to come by and give the new 2020 Toyota RAV4 a test drive.

5 Reasons You Should Test-Drive a 2020 Toyota RAV4

1 - Rougher, tougher looks

Previous models of the RAV4 have always featured a unique exterior, and Toyota went back to the drawing board for the 2020 RAV4 to make it look even better.  This new model has a wider body, a lower stance, and an overall look that says, "I was made to go off-road!"  It offers all the features and performance you expect from the RAV4, and it won't cramp your style.

2 - Improved hybrid performance

The 2020 RAV4 offers both traditional and hybrid engine options, and if you opt to go hybrid, you're in for a treat: this year's engine is both more powerful and more fuel-efficient - you can't beat that!  It's a 2.5-liter engine rated for 40MPG combined with 219hp under the hood.

3 - Improved smartphone support and integration

As phones get smarter, so do our cars!  The 2020 RAV4 supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning you can easily use any typical smartphone to access your music, maps, and more. Seamless integration allows for a safer, more convenient and user-friendly experience in your RAV4.

4 - Tow capacity up to 3,500 pounds

Looking for an outdoor adventure?  RAV4 delivers.  The off-road-specific model, the RAV4 TRD, features the largest towing capacity in its line - up to 3,500 pounds.  That means plenty of gear, bikes, boats, camping equipment, and much more.  Take everything you need, the new 2020 RAV4 can tow it with ease.

5 - Better awareness with a digital display rearview

The RAV4 has featured a back-up camera for many years, but the new 2020 model takes it to the next level. Available as an option, your rearview mirror can be a digital camera display! So even if your line of sight is blocked in the cabin, you still get total situational awareness of what's behind you. That means safer driving when your car is full.

1000 Islands Toyota Has the Cars You Crave

We're the trusted Toyota dealer in the 1000 Islands region, and we proudly carry a full line of 2020 Toyota RAV4 vehicles - as well as plenty of other amazing new and used Toyotas! Come on by and try the new RAV4 for yourself. For more information, contact us online or call (613) 342-9111 today!