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A Guide to the Features of the Toyota Rav4 2019

The 2018 Toyota Rav4 was Toyota’s best-selling and most popular vehicle. Now, with an exterior upgrade and updated features, the company has released the Toyota Rav4 2019

To help outline everything that’s improved, our team at 1000 Islands Toyota is listing some of the new features you need to know about.

Achieve Greater Control with the Toyota Rav4 2019

Whether you’re selecting a new vehicle for the family or an SUV for those long trips to destinations across the country, the Toyota Rav4 2019 is setting new standards for excellence. 

Control is a must for new vehicles, and the Toyota Rav4 2019 delivers a premium level of control regardless of conditions. The vehicle features Active Torque All Wheel Drive, which shifts from front wheel drive to all-wheel drive as soon the system senses slippage. When the road surface is clear you’ll save on fuel, and when conditions change the system will respond to provide a superior level of control. 

Another update for the RAV4 is its Multi-Terrain Select, which allows you to choose from four modes that regulate for the specific terrain. 

Whether you’re driving on sand, rocks, dirt or mud, you’ll have complete control over the vehicle. 

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 As Standard

Now the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 system comes as standard in all Rav4 2019 models. 

The updated system features enhanced daytime cyclist detection and low-light pedestrian detection, keeping you and those around you safe at all times. Another key element of the system is the Parking Assistance offered by the Rav4 2019. 

You can back in and out with confidence. The vehicle features the Intelligence Clearance Sonar (ICS) which scans for stationary objects and warns you with audible alerts if a collision is about to occur. The RAV4 even automatically applies the brakes if needed on an emergency basis. Turn to our team to learn more about the latest Toyota technology. 

All-New Exterior Style

The Rav4 2019 maintains that same great style for which Toyota has long been known. It has a precision-engineered exterior for both style and functionality. Beyond its chiseled appearance, the Rav4 2019 features a longer wheelbase and wider track for a more stable drive. You also get a shorter overhang with higher ground clearance, for comfort over rough terrain.

We’re offering best pricing on the new Toyota Rav4 2019 at 1000 Islands Toyota. Ready to book your test drive? Contact us today for more details.