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Buying a New Vehicle: Choosing a Gas or Electric Car

When it comes to purchasing a new or used vehicle, there are a lot of options out there. Ultimately, the best car for you will depend upon your needs. However, there can be some major differences between electric cars and hybrid vehicles and gasoline-powered ones, so the team from 1000 Islands Toyota is here to help.

Vehicle Selection

When it comes to pure electric vehicles, there is a much smaller selection available when compared to gas-powered vehicles. This isn’t surprising considering that reliable electric cars are a relatively new innovation. Many manufacturers produce hybrid electric/gas models, but currently, there are a limited number of electric vehicles on the market today, making up only around 1% of all vehicles available. Toyota’s long history of producing quality hybrid vehicles means a number of efficient new and used Toyota hybrids are available right now.

Vehicle Range

Some key differences between electric and gas cars crop up when considering the range they’re able to cover on each charge or tank of gas. With electric car technology still relatively new, most drivers aren’t able to put as many miles on a pure electric car as a gas one before having to recharge it. Many electric cars can average 100-300 km before needing to be recharged; gas vehicles typically average at least 500-600 km before needing a new tank of gasoline. The best fuel efficiency can be found with hybrids and plug-in hybrids (like the Prius Prime, which can achieve a combined electric/hybrid range of 1,035 km!)

Refueling vs. Recharging:

When it comes to purchasing gasoline, you’ll find that the price to fill up your tank can vary widely from day to day, making it costly for vehicles without great gas mileage. While electric cars may require multiple hours to charge each day, the price of electricity is relatively stable, meaning more consistent savings. Those with electric cars need to plot their routes carefully to ensure that they’re able to find fast charging stations on long trips. Plug-in hybrid owners get the best of both worlds, with access to gas when needed for long trips, and the ability to charge a small onboard battery with electricity from your home for shorter distances.

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