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Choosing Between a Hatchback or Sedan in Brockville


Most Brockville car dealerships, 1000 Islands Toyota included, carry a range of different vehicle options, providing many different hatchbacks and sedans for your perusal. If you’re not certain which style of vehicle will be the ideal choice for your needs, it helps to have a few facts from experts at your disposal.

Here you’ll find some of the most important considerations to make when visiting your Brockville car dealership to buy a new or used hatchback or sedan.

Consider Cargo Space

One of the most defining features of any vehicle is how much can you fit in the trunk, so cargo space should certainly factor into your selection process. Traditionally, hatchback vehicles offer more trunk space than sedans. Although sedans do have rear folding seats, the trunks of hatchbacks can often be left open during transport, enabling you to easily to tie and transport larger loads.

Defining Dimensions

Worried about fitting your new vehicle in that tiny garage? If space and dimensions are a concern for you, then there are certainly some considerations to make when choosing between hatchbacks and sedans. Since hatchbacks have a shorter wheelbase, they aren’t as long as sedans, making them easier for tighter fits. However, sedans can offer more visibility through the back window. Sedans also often weigh less, so if weight is a concern, consider purchasing a sedan.

Interior Space

Due to the large wheelbase and length, sedans often have more space on the inside than hatchbacks. If you’re looking for additional legroom in the front and rear, consider taking a sedan for a test drive. Don’t discount the hatchback though, as many provide more headroom than a sedan, perfect for taller drivers.

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