Used Rav4 Toyota

Discover the Best Used Toyota Vehicles for Teens in Brockville

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) completes comprehensive testing on the latest vehicles to determine their safety rating. In analyzing vehicles, they measure a number of safety elements, including head restraints, limited horsepower, and high-level crash safety. As a result of their findings, the following vehicles are considered the optimal choice for parents seeking a used Toyota vehicle in Brockville for their teens.

The Best Used Cars Under $10,000 Included the Following:

Small Cars – Toyota Yaris 1999-Present
Midsize Cars – Toyota Camry 2012-2013
Large Cars – Toyota Avalon 2009-2014
Midsize SUVs – Toyota Highlander 2008 and newer
Midsize SUVs – Toyota Venza 2009 – 2015
Pickups – Toyota Tundra extended cab (Double Cab) 2007 – 2013

The Best Under $20,000 included the following:

Small SUVs – Toyota RAV4 2015 and newer
Midsize Cars – Toyota Camry 2014 or newer
Midsize Cars – Toyota Prius v 2015 and newer
Large Cars – Toyota Avalon 2015 or newer
Minivans – Toyota Sienna 2015 and newer
Pickups – Toyota Tundra extended cab (Double Cab) 2014 and newer

How to Select the Ideal Vehicle for Your Teen

When reviewing the latest used Toyota vehicle in your Brockville dealer’s selection, make sure you take the following into full consideration:

  • Traction control is a bonus but will help enhance the safety of the vehicle in icy Canadian conditions

  • Try to minimize the potential for speeding – your teen driver may want a high horsepower option, but control and safety are more important

  • The guidance of the dealer should be followed – they can help you to select based on both price and value with safety as the priority

  • Get a quote from your insurance firm first – the safer the vehicle, the more likely you’ll receive the lowest quote for adding your teen driver to your insurance

Our trusted team at 1000 Islands Toyota in Brockville has helped thousands of parents choose the ideal used vehicle for their teen driver. To discover more about this topic, and review the range of vehicles on offer, call us to schedule a visit today.