Discover the Newest Fuel-Efficient Toyota Vehicles with Our Local Car Dealers

By reviewing the marketplace and taking the time to pick out the latest vehicles, you can choose that ideal Toyota model that will save you money on fuel for the coming years. Our team of vehicle dealers at 1000 Islands Toyota has significant experience in this marketplace, and in this latest post, we're highlighting the newest fuel-efficient models.

  • The Prius

The Prius has become the leading fuel-efficient vehicle on the market due to its superior mileage and quality build. The original Prius offers mileage of 4.5 L per 100Km while the Prius compact offers mileage of 5.1 per 100KM. Prius models also come with the latest technology and performance features, helping to propel the brand throughout the global marketplace.

  • Camry hybrid

For those looking for a traditional vehicle with a modern fuel-efficient touch, the Camry hybrid provides value for money. In addition to the vehicle’s sleek new design for 2018, this year’s model offers a fuel efficient 4.9L per 100KM.

  • Yaris

Offering 7.4L per 100KM mileage through its automatic hatchback model, the Yaris is a great option for the growing family seeking that reliable fuel-efficient vehicle.

  • Corolla

Slightly larger than the compact Yaris is the Corolla, which has been designed to deliver a fuel-efficient 7.5L per 100KM. The Corolla continues to be upgraded to meet new performance standards in the marketplace, and the 2018 version stands out as the ultimate vehicle for a broad range of drivers.

Turn to the Dealers at 1000 Islands Toyota for the latest options

It's important that you take the time to speak with an experienced car specialist when choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle for the coming years. It can be a confusing marketplace for those not familiar with all the terms used. Our team at 1000 Islands Toyota is committed to offering you the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market today. Few companies can match us for our pricing and our expertise on the latest vehicles.

To discover more about our vehicle selection and the latest options available within our inventory, call your leading local Toyota dealers today.