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Everything You Should Know About The 2022 Toyota Sienna Remote-Start Features

One of the reasons the 2022 Toyota Sienna is such a great vehicle is the wide range of smart features that give you more freedom and flexibility in how you use your new minivan - such as its remote start features!

Remote start on a 2022 Toyota Sienna isn't simply a matter of turning on the engine. It has numerous features that help you manage your car, as well as allowing you to access remote start from both your key fob, as well as through a mobile phone app.

So, in this guide, we'll be digging into everything the Sienna's Remote Start features can do, so you can make the most of your new Toyota!

I. Why Use Remote Start Features

So, why would you want to remotely start your 2022 Toyota Sienna?

The biggest reason is that starting the engine remotely will also start the car's climate control system. So, it's perfect for days which are particularly hot, or cold. You can start up the car and let the climate control make the interior more comfortable before you have to get inside.

This is particularly nice when it's cold out, but don't underestimate how nice it is to immediately be in an air-conditioned Toyota when it's hot out.

This feature works best if you keep your car's climate control system set to AUTO. Then when the car starts up, its own thermometers will judge the internal temperature and pick a reasonable new temperature to aim for.

One word of warning:  Please don't remote-start your Toyota Sienna while it's still in the garage, with the door closed. Running a car in an enclosed space is extremely dangerous because carbon monoxide from the exhaust can build up when there's no ventilation. Always open your garage door first before using Remote Start, even if it's hot or cold out.

II. Using Remote Start with Your 2022 Toyota Sienna Key Fob

For most people, the easiest way to activate remote start is by using the key fob, since it's already paired with your vehicle.

1 - Remotely starting the vehicle

The procedure takes a couple of steps, to ensure you don't accidentally activate your car when you don't need to.  The steps are:

1 - Press and release the LOCK button (in the upper-right) twice within two seconds.

2 - Then press and hold the LOCK button for three seconds. So, basically, it's click-click-hold.

If you did it correctly, you'll see the turn signal lights flash a few times to indicate that it worked. You'll also hear the engine start-up, if you're close enough.

2 - Remotely stopping the vehicle

What happens if you start the engine remotely, but then change your mind, or something comes up? There are two ways of turning the engine back off.

1 - Press the UNLOCK button. This will unlock the doors and will also turn the engine off in the process. The doors will re-lock after a few seconds if you don't open the door or otherwise take action, so this isn't too insecure.

However, if you're concerned about unlocking the doors, the other option is:

2 - Press and hold the LOCK button for two seconds. This will stop the engine without unlocking the doors and will also flash the hazard lights to indicate that it worked.

III. Using Remote Start with A Mobile Device

So, what if you're too far away from your car for the key fob to work?  You can also use the official Toyota mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

1 - Download the official Toyota app from your device's app store.

2 - Start the app, and tap through the country, language, and other preference settings.

3 - Sign in. If you've never made an online Toyota account, you'll be asked to do so.

4 - If it's your first time, you'll be prompted to add one or more Toyota vehicles to the app.  Select your 2022 Toyota Sienna and follow the prompts to register it.

5 - Once your Sienna is in the app, select it and then choose Activate Remote Services.

6 - After Remote Services are activated, you'll have a "Start Engine" button, as well as lock/unlock options, right on the home screen of the app.

That's all it takes.  Once setup is finished, you'll always have those buttons available whenever you boot up the app.

IV.  Auto-shutoff systems

You don't want your 2022 Toyota Sienna running for too long unattended, which is a safety hazard as well as wasting gas.  So, there are several different ways that the engine will shut down on its own.

1 - Ten-minute timer

Whenever you use Remote Start to turn the engine on, it starts a ten-minute timer. If you don't return to the car or take any other action, it will automatically shut off again after ten minutes.

If the engine shuts off, you can use Remote Start to start it up again - but only twice. After two times/twenty minutes, you must turn the ignition on from inside the vehicle before Remote Start will work again.

2 - Other shutdown conditions

Basically, remote start is only for starting up the air conditioning.  One way or another, you must shut down the engine and then restart it from within the vehicle to be able to drive. So, all of these following actions will also cause Remote Start to shut down:

  • Unlocking and/or opening the doors.
  • Opening the hood.
  • Pressing the brake pedal.
  • Insert the key into the ignition.
  • Moving the shift lever to anything other than Park.
  • If the security alarm is triggered.

Finally, if the vehicle is below a critical level of gasoline and/or electricity, Remote Start will not work to preserve the remaining fuel.

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