Four Reasons to Choose a Toyota Corolla Over the Hyundai Elantra

For years, the Toyota Corolla has ruled as one of the top compact sedans in its class, beloved by buyers for its modern-yet-classic styling, power, and fuel economy - especially in hybrid versions. However, in 2021, a new contender has arisen: an entirely redesigned Hyundai Elantra.

In some areas, such as horsepower and gas mileage, the two vehicles are similar. It's easy enough to see why some people would be curious about the Hyundai - but if you look deeper, you'll see plenty of reasons why the Corolla still comes out on top.

Why the Toyota Corolla Is Still King of Compact Sedans

1. Reliability

Let's be honest: if you want a reliable vehicle, you buy a Toyota. Generations of buyers know this. It's hard to name another manufacturer whose vehicles last longer, with less need for maintenance. When you buy a Corolla, you're buying a vehicle that will be with you through thick and thin - it might even be the car you pass on to your children when the time comes (that’s how long they last!).

2. Resale Value

Toyota vehicles are known to hold their value year after year - mostly thanks to their incredible reliability. If you want a car that's a true investment, which will still be worth its weight once it's time to sell or trade-in, pick the Corolla. A slightly higher price up-front will pay for itself a few years later.

3. Safety Features

Toyota is still best-in-class when it comes to safety features. The Toyota Safety Sense suite of smart computer-assisted safety measures means you and your family can ride with confidence. This includes:

  • Pre-collision warnings, with pedestrian detection
  • Dynamic radar-enabled cruise control
  • Camera-assisted lane assist with departure warning
  • Automatic smart high beam headlight switching
  • AI road sign recognition and warnings

Year after year, Toyota vehicles - including the Corolla – win awards for their safety features. To feel secure when you're on the road, choose Toyota.

4. Interior Comfort

With quality interiors, heated and padded seats, and top-grade entertainment options, it's hard to beat a Toyota. You and your family will ride in comfort every time you sit in your Corolla, and that’s priceless. 

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