Four Reasons to Purchase A Hybrid Car

If you’re looking to purchase a new car, you have more options than ever. Many of those newer options are hybrid cars, and Toyota has various hybrid models like the Corolla Hybrid, Prius Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, and the brand new 2021 Toyota Sienna.

If you’re curious as to the benefits a hybrid car can bring you, our team at 1000 Islands Toyota in Brockville has listed a few below.


The Benefits of Hybrid Cars & Vehicles 


  1. Two Engines

With hybrid cars and vehicles, there are two types of engines onboard. One is the classic gas or diesel-fueled engine, and the other is an electric motor. Because the car uses this secondary electric motor while you’re on the road, drivers enjoy amazing fuel efficiency that allows you to save money while also producing far fewer emissions.

  1. Hybrid Synergy Drive System

With dual engines, you can also enjoy Toyota’s hybrid synergy drive system, which automatically selects the best combination of power depending on the driving condition and area. You never have to think about which power source is being used - the car automatically manages the system for you. 

  1. No Idling

Many hybrid cars use an idle-off mode that shuts down the main engine when the car has stopped. Everything else in your vehicle (stereo, air conditioning, infotainment, etc.) continues to operate normally, powered by the electric motor and battery. This further allows for great fuel savings and significantly reduces environmental impact at red lights, drive thru lines, and in traffic.

  1. A Quiet Drive

Toyota’s engines allow you to enjoy a truly quiet, seamless drive. As your vehicle switches from electric to gas power using the Hybrid Synergy System, you may not even notice. And thanks to Toyota’s technology and initial build quality, details like sound-proofing and vibration reduction add to a quiet and smooth ride.

  1. Incentives 

Not only will you save at the pump with a hybrid car, but you can also receive some amazing Government Incentives if you drive a hybrid vehicle. These incentives bring instant savings during your initial purchase, and when coupled with the vehicle’s lifetime fuel economy, offer a huge benefit to drivers looking to save.


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