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When choosing a vehicle for the coming years, it’s important to learn more about the options available and decide based on the vehicle’s performance and value. Our team at 1000 Islands Toyota is committed to offering the latest information as one of the foremost Ontario Toyota dealers, and in this latest post, we’re highlighting the amazing Prius Prime.

Short Charge Time

One of the barriers to entry for many potential electric vehicle owners is the charge time. The Prius Prime offers a charge time of just 5 hours 30 minutes with a 1035km driving range on a single charge. This ensures convenient everyday vehicle use within an affordable electric performance package. It’s why many are visiting their local auto dealerships across Ontario to begin their journey into electric vehicle ownership.

High-Level Safety

The Prius Prime is built for performance and with the safety-conscious driver foremost in mind. The vehicle features a Blind Spot Monitor with Rear-Cross Traffic Alert. The system alerts the driver to potential obstacles in their path while reversing. The Prius Prime is also offered with Park Assist for those tight parking challenges that require a little extra assistance.

Exceptional Onboard Navigation

Within the Prius Prime, you’ll have access to the market’s leading onboard navigation system. The system features an 11.6-inch display that lets you plan out your route to and from your destination while ensuring that all elements such as stops and local eating options are displayed. The display system allows you to maintain full control over your trip while assuring intuitive use for selection of the latest music and podcasts on your trip.

Ease in to Automation

Most drivers aren’t yet used to the automation technologies available within the top Toyota vehicles. The Prius Prime offers guidance on all elements of automation while the driver is in motion. It will give tips on the best braking and acceleration techniques and help you understand its features and their value as you travel. The vehicle will also learn to understand you and your driving habits, altering its performance to suit your style.

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The team at 1000 Islands Toyota is now helping drivers achieve affordable financing on the Prius Prime. To discover more from the top Toyota dealers in Ontario, call their team today!