Receive Top-Quality Service Every Time From 1000 Islands Toyota

When people think of the best in new and used Toyota vehicles in Ontario, they usually think of 1000 Islands Toyota. We're famed across the province for our great selection of vehicles, as well as for our always-impeccable service.

We know every car dealership likes to brag, but we are genuinely proud of the services we offer. We go above and beyond for every customer and deliver an experience that is second to none.  That's why people come from miles around to visit us!

Whether you're a local who already knows we're your best source for Toyotas, or you're living out-of-town and looking for excellent deals and service, 1000 Islands Toyota is here for you. This is just a taste of the exemplary products and services we provide.

Explore the Services You Can Receive At 1000 Islands Toyota

I. Basic maintenance and tune-ups

  1. you need to keep your Toyota vehicle in top working order, bring it to 1000 Islands Toyota! Our certified service staff has years of experience working with every make and model and can bring your car or truck back to 100% every time. We can easily handle oil and fluid changes, tire rotations, and more - everything you need to keep your Toyota running smoothly, while potentially adding years to its expected lifespan.

Plus, if you need new tires, we offer guaranteed tire price matching so you know you'll get the best possible deal.

Remember: bringing your Toyota in for tune-ups once or twice a year is the key to getting the most from your purchase!

II. Toyota Touch detailing

Is your Toyota starting to show its age? There's no need to drive around in a dinged-up car, or with dirty interiors. We proudly offer internal and external Toyota Touch detailing, the gold standard in Toyota detailing!

Depending on the package you choose, you could get:

  • Hand washing and shampooing of the interior
  • Vacuuming of the truck and other high-use spaces
  • Pressurized undercarriage wash
  • Polishing and protective finishing
  • Paint restoration
  • Engine compartment degreasing
  • Treatment of rubber trim
  • And more!

We can make your Toyota look as good as new - and at extremely reasonable prices! Even our ultimate package is less than $200. That's a small price to pay to make your car beautiful again.

III. Major repairs

We have one of the best shops in the area if your Toyota has been in a collision or is otherwise in need of serious repair. If it can be fixed up, we'll do everything in our power to make it right. We use only genuine certified Toyota parts, guaranteed to be the best option for your vehicle. We could also add some options and upgrades too, while it's in the shop.

And, of course, if your vehicle is still under warranty, we accept and honor all standard Toyota warranty agreements.

Please also keep in mind, your insurance company might recommend a particular service shop, but you are not obligated to follow this recommendation. You have the right to have your vehicle serviced at whatever shop you choose. Make it 1000 Islands Toyota, for the best in repairs and service.

IV. Numerous transportation options

You need a car, and you need it now. We know how important it is that you remain mobile, even if your car is in the shop. So, we offer many different ways to keep you moving!

  • Have you been in an accident while your Toyota is under warranty, or covered under the Toyota Roadside Assistance program? Just call 1-888-TOYOTA8 to have a tow truck dispatched to your location, free of charge.
  • Need a pickup? We offer low-cost vehicle pickup service if you're within 100km of our shop.
  • Don't have a ride back home, or to work? We've got you covered with our complimentary shuttle service. You don't have to sit around in our waiting room all day.
  • Need more mobility? Depending on your situation, we may be able to offer you a loaner car if your vehicle will be in the shop for an extended time.

V. Keeping you comfortable while you wait

Are you having some work done quickly, or have no other options except for waiting around? Don't worry, we have you covered. We've got a super-comfortable waiting area complete with a computer workstation and high-speed Internet service, so you can still keep yourself occupied.

There's complimentary coffee too, of course - and we work quickly enough that you might only have time for a cup before your work is done.  Our oil changes and tire rotations can be done fast!

Plus, if you're a repeat customer, we offer punch cards with discounts and prizes. There's always a reason to come back to 1000 Islands Toyota!

VI. Safety & Campaign notices

Every now and then, it may turn out that your Toyota is involved in a campaign or needs a mandatory safety upgrade.  If that's the case, we'll take every measure we can to contact you with the details.  We do ask you to keep us updated with your current address and phone number, should you ever move, specifically so we can stay in touch about vital safety concerns.

VI. Staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak

We know the coronavirus has made day-to-day life difficult, and that's true for us as well. We are currently open during COVID-19, and we are doing everything possible to keep you and ourselves safe during the pandemic.

We have restricted access to some sections of the dealership, to reduce the number of contact people have with these spaces.  The areas which still see traffic are deep cleaned multiple times a day, with recommended disinfectants and sterilizing agents, to minimize the chances of disease spread.

Right now, our service department is operating by appointment only. We are working with a reduced staff - again, as a safety measure - so we can't take 'walk-in' work.  But if you contact us for an appointment, we'll get right back to you as fast as we can!

We also ask that, if at all possible, avoid hanging around the shop while repairs are being done.  Fortunately, as mentioned above, we have numerous transportation options to help you get around even while your car is in the shop.  Also, the waiting area is still open, if you have no other options.

If you're looking to browse our selection of new and used cars, we invite you to do so online. If you see something you want, just contact us and we'll hold it for you.

1000 Islands Toyota Has It All

If you're looking for the best in new and used Toyota vehicles, as well as exceptional service and repair pricing, you can't go wrong with 1000 Islands Toyota.  If you need any kind of help or have any questions about our products and services, please contact us for all the answers.