What Are the Biggest Trends In 2023 Family Cars?

The automotive industry is always driven by trends in both design and technology, but things have been particularly exciting in recent years. We've seen huge new ideas hitting Toyota electric cars, hybrids, and standard internal-combustion engines (ICEs) in the last decade, as well as all the other manufacturers. This can make it daunting to keep up with current tech and trends, especially if you're looking for a family vehicle that will provide the best performance and safety.

So what trends are affecting the automotive industry now in 2023, and in the years to come? These are some of the most important factors you should be paying attention to.

The Biggest Trends and Paradigm-Shifters In 2020s Family Vehicles

1. Electric Cars and Hybrids

Without a doubt, the biggest change facing the automotive industry is the growing shift away from internal-combustion engines and towards more environmentally friendly options. Toyota has been a pioneer, with one of the first hybrids on the market, and now a full line of both EVs and hybrids.

Seen as a gimmick just ten years ago, electric vehicles are now being taken seriously as the car of the future. Governments around the world are incentivizing moves away from ICEs and towards electricity. Hundreds of charging stations are being added to North America every year.

Your next family vehicle might not be an electric car, but that day is almost certainly coming.

In the meantime, hybrids are still a great option if you aren't ready to go all-electric. Hybrids offer vastly better gas mileage than traditional ICEs, as well as having lower emissions. Toyota Hybrids are among the best on the market, and that won't change any time soon.

2. Increased Smart Connected Services

Today's cars are also increasingly integrating "smart" Internet-connected services to improve safety and performance. For example, many Toyotas now come with built-in roadside emergency assistance. If your car has a problem and breaks down by the side of the road, it can automatically contact Toyota to send help your way!

These connected features also help ensure your car is as safe as it possibly can be. Cars have been computer-controlled since the 1980s but were typically stuck with whatever software shipped from the factory. Now, however, your car's software can be updated over the Internet just as easily as your laptop, or your smartphone. So new safety features and other driver improvements can be delivered automatically. You don't even need to visit a dealership to get the upgrades!

3. Robust Infotainment Systems

As flat touchscreens become cheaper and more commonplace, they're becoming integrated into family vehicles in increasingly clever ways. Your Toyota already ships with a big touchscreen in the front which handles many common operations, as well as interfacing with your smartphone for extra services.

It's also more common to have screens set up in the back, which gives your kids or other passengers something to do during the ride. These can even work together! For example, the 2023 Toyota Sienna has an optional Driver Easy Speak system which uses a microphone in the cabin to catch what the driver says and broadcast it to the speakers in the rear. So, drivers no longer have to shout to be heard in the back!

This isn't merely convenient; it also improves safety by preventing the driver from being distracted while trying to talk.

4. Kid and Teen-Focused Features

It used to be that "kid-friendly" car features meant DVD players in the rear, and child locks to prevent them from opening the doors. Now, family vehicles offer numerous new ways to keep your family safe - especially your teen drivers.

Toyota offers a suite of teen driving tools, which give parents more power and oversight in how their vehicle gets used. A parent can set limits on when and how their teen can drive, and in some cases, it's even possible to directly monitor where the vehicle is going at all times.

A teen learning to drive is a major shift in personal freedom and responsibility, but that doesn't mean you have to give up all oversight. Toyota makes it possible for your young driver to stay safe, and keep you updated on their driving habits.

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