Why Certified Used Cars are the Way to Go for Brockville Vehicle Buyers

Proactive vehicle buyers can consolidate their costs in the long-term by learning more on the terms used within the vehicle sales market. The term “certified used vehicle” means that the vehicle is backed by the manufacturer and has been through rigorous testing to ensure its performance for future buyers. In this latest post, 100 Islands Toyota will take a look at why certified used cars as the optimal choice for Brockville vehicle buyers.

The Benefits of Buying a Certified Vehicle

Certified vehicles are the superior choice for the modern buyer, particularly those that have limited experience buying vehicles on the local market. They offer a level of peace-of-mind that none-certified vehicles cannot match. The following are important benefits Brockville buyers achieve when purchasing certified used cars:

  • Rigorous Inspection
    Each of the certified vehicles at our facility undergoes a rigorous 160-point inspection. Vehicles are examined for optimal mechanical performance and for their appearance before being sold through our team.
  • 30-Day Exchange
    We offer a 30-day exchange policy for all our certified used vehicles. This ensures that buyers can return their vehicles no questions asked within the 30-day period. It provides the buyer time to learn more about the vehicle and its performance before they make the full commitment.
  • Toyota-Backed Coverage
    All certified used vehicles sold across Canada and the U.S. are backed by a six-month or 10,000 km powertrain and roadside assistance coverage. Few other dealers can offer this level of service for their certified vehicles.
  • Preferred Financing Rates
    Certified vehicles sold through our local dealership are offered at preferred financing rates to customers. This helps customers safeguard their investment while reducing their long-term purchase and vehicle maintenance costs.

Elements to Consider When Buying Used Vehicles

While buying certified cars can help you save money and achieve high level vehicle service, it’s important to go into the purchase process with clear information. When buying a used car through a local Brockville specialist, consider the following:

  • The available warranties
  • The history of the vehicle
  • The maintenance schedule for the make and model
  • The experience of the repair team
  • The long-term cost after taxes and additional fees

Through a commitment to understanding the used vehicle marketplace, and a clear understanding on the benefits of certified used cars in Brockville, buyers can find the optimal vehicle for all their driving demands. To discuss certified used car options with a Brockville specialist, call us now at (613) 342-9111.