COVID-19 Awareness

Here's what we are doing at 1000 Islands Toyota to keep everyone safe

Updated March 25th, 2020


To our valued customers:

With respect to the COVID‑19 pandemic, we have been focused on the health and safety of our customers, employees and community.  With this focus paramount, we’d like to ensure that you are aware of the precautionary measures we are taking at 1000 Islands Toyota.

Deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning efforts described in our previous communications continue. In addition, after each customer transaction, all surfaces will be sanitized including the payment terminal if utilized. Staff will also sanitize key surfaces after deliveries. In our service department, all customer vehicles are to be sanitized before mechanics enter them by wiping down high contact points with disinfectant.

Hours of operation:

Hours of operation have been reduced to the following for both Sales and Service:

Mon - Fri  |  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sat - Sun  |  Closed

Our employees:

Our amazing team.  Our goal is to ensure the ongoing health of our most valuable asset, our staff.  We have made several adjustments to ensure that this will continue to be the case.  Staff members have been instructed for both their health, and that of our guests, that social distance be maintained during interactions.  We have also asked that at any signs of illness they take a paid leave of absence from the dealership for recovery and future diagnosis.  Our goal will be to maintain operations in accordance with current public health directives.

Our Building:

All external doors are now locked, and no one may enter the store without being allowed access by the person working the door. The person working the door will be questioning all entrants and will not be allowing access to users who should be in isolation.

We ask that all customers make appointments to come into the store for sales or service, and answer the same screening procedures outlined above. Customers will not be permitted service if they should be in isolation.

All cars will be removed from the showroom. All communal items will be removed from the waiting room, including coffee, tea, cups and the like. We have created a walkway for customers that leads to one of two routes: sales or service. We will be using these walkways to ensure that customers are not coming into contact with desks or counters.

Our service:

Until April 1st, we will carry out essential service only. This means service can only be performed if delaying repairs could cause the operation of the vehicle to be dangerous.

This means no:
          - Vehicle washes
          - Oil changes and/or tire swaps
          - Routine maintenance that does not impact the vehicle's operation

Please note that these restrictions do not apply for vehicles that perform other essential services as identified by the Province of Ontario. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to keep essential vehicles on the road and conduct essential repairs for all customers.

These items may be booked for after April 1st, with the understanding that the situation may change again. We will contact customers prior to their appointments to confirm if the situation has changed.

Service appointments will also be booked out two weeks in cases where the vehicle user is in self isolation. Follow up calls will be made to ensure that the person is no longer in isolation before vehicles can be picked up.

A drop tray and signing station will be set up for customers to drop their keys and sign paperwork. This will allow the person working the counter to control contact and sanitize all elements of the transaction.

All of your service appointments or questions can be answered at

No-contact vehicle pick-up and drop-off:

We continue to offer our pick-up and drop-off service for the purposes of carrying out essential service only. All pickup drivers are to take disinfectant and gloves with them when picking up cars, and are to wear gloves and disinfect high contact points before driving customer vehicles. All customer vehicles will be disinfected when delivered back to the customer

Sales and online availability:

We are available online and over the phone to answer your sales questions. We have a 24 hour online chat on our website at Sales quotes, questions or concerns can be addressed at You can also reach us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter simply by searching for 1000 Islands Toyota.

We remain available in-person for essential vehicle sales. Again, customers will be encouraged to maintain space. Salespeople will use gloves when passing paperwork back and forth between the customer. Salespeople will also be required to sanitize their workspace after the customer has completed the transaction.

For the immediate future, we urge everyone to access the latest official public health guidelines before deciding whether to visit us in person at 1000 Islands Toyota. Our staff are also available online or by phone to answer your questions and serve your needs remotely.

For being our Guests, our Friends and our Family, we thank you. This is an unprecedented time for us individually and as a Dealership. We have prided ourselves in our 40 years of being at your service and of being a proud Partner and Supporter of our community. During this time, we have doubled down on that partnership and support. 

We will be helping to support our local Restaurants by buying our full staff lunch every Wednesday until this industry is able to recover. We will be offering our shuttle service to our local food bank to pick up and drop off groceries to anyone who is unable to do so themselves. We will continue to look for where we can be of service to our community and we will offer our support and our resources. 

Thank you for continuing to support us and all the other local businesses and services that will need your support. We will get through this. We will get through this together. Thank You!!

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