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Winter Protection Package




With winter coming on, it's never been more important to protect your vehicle from sun, weather, and road hazards like sand and salt which can cause any vehicle's value to decline rapidly. Book your Winter Protection Package (Service #1) for just $59.95 and receive a FREE alignment inspection (valued at $49.95)!

Package Includes:

• Check installation of driver's floor mat.

• Reset Maintenance Reminder Light or system.

• Inspect all lights and horn for proper operation.

• Inspect wiper blades, linkage and washers for proper operation.

• Inspect and adjust level - engine oil, brake fluid, engine/inverter coolant, power steering fluid and washer fluid.

• Remove & inspect engine air filter.

• Check and record tire tread depth. Examine tires for damage and uneven wear.

• Remove wheels & visually inspect brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake lines and hoses.

• Rotate tires (applicable to same size wheels, front & rear) or alternatively perform seasonal tire change-over.

•Record inspection results, measurements and component condition on inspection form and/or repair order.

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