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3 Advantages of Owning a Hybrid Vehicle

When it comes to owning a car, it doesn’t matter what make and model you have - expenses eventually add up. There’s the cost of regular maintenance, paying for gasoline and repairs when needed, as well as insurance and a host of other important costs. The good news is there are vehicles available that prioritize efficiency and cost savings, like hybrid cars. Although many of the expenses of upkeep and maintenance will remain, there are some key advantages to hybrid vehicle ownership, which the team from 1000 Islands Toyota has collected for you below.

Here are three key reasons to consider going hybrid!

1. Save Money on Gasoline

If you do a lot of driving, it might not make sense to choose a vehicle that uses a lot of fuel. Hybrids are designed to use the minimum amount of gasoline possible, especially when it comes to in-town driving. If you spend a lot of time making short trips from place to place, you won’t use a lot of gasoline with a hybrid vehicle, making them the perfect city cars. When you’re driving long distances with a hybrid, you’ll still need to fill up the gas tank, but you’ll easily notice a difference in the amount of gas used on the trip. In addition to savings on gasoline, Canada also offers incentives for plug-in hybrid car buyers that can provide you with further savings.

2. Hybrid Cars Offer Increased Fuel Efficiency

With any hybrid car, your vehicle is only using its internal combustion engine some of the time, drastically increasing your fuel efficiency. With certain models, known as plug-in hybrid vehicles, the onboard battery even makes it possible to accomplish short trips entirely on electric power! Although charging that battery isn’t necessarily free, when compared to filling up your tank the savings are monumental. How much you will increase your fuel efficiency with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid car will depend on how much you drive, but it’s certainly more efficient than the alternative.

3. Hybrids are Future Proofed

Another important component to take into consideration is the ever-rising prices of gasoline in Canada. In this regard, hybrid cars are future-proof - if you don’t use much gasoline, you’ll be relatively unaffected when prices rise. Of course, this will depend upon how far you’re driving each day, but the efficiency of a hybrid vehicle offers a great opportunity for savings regardless.

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