3 Leading Environmental Benefits of the Toyota Camry

Nowadays more than ever there’s a continuous strain on the Earth’s natural resources, which is why many drivers are looking for more eco-friendly alternatives. This is one of the reasons which has made the modern Toyota Camry hybrid one of the world’s best-selling automobiles. Although the vehicle has always had an enduring presence, it’s eco-friendly design and technology has made it a mainstay.

At 1000 Islands Toyota, we’re always happy to share the environmental benefits of some of our most popular vehicles. Below you’ll find some of the things that make this year’s Camry a bestseller.

Less Maintenance

When you invest in a Toyota Camry, especially a hybrid model, you’ll have much less annual maintenance to perform. This is because, with a hybrid engine, there’s less wear and tear due to minimal combustion. This, in turn, helps reduce labor and maintenance costs and cuts back on energy usage, lessening your reliance on important environmental resources, manpower, and machinery.

Lower Emissions

Although emissions are caused by a wide variety of things, one of the leading causes of excessive emissions is still vehicles. That’s why manufacturers have begun building cars that offer lower emissions and other benefits, like the Camry. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the amount of exhaust they release into the air. Hybrids are much less stressful on the environment as they don’t solely run on engines reliant upon gasoline.

Better Fuel Economy

Lastly, one of the most attractive benefits of Toyota Camry hybrid models is that they offer a much lower fuel economy. Not only does this mean their engines are more efficient, but also that they require much fewer natural resources to run properly. Additionally, a hybrid model can help you save on your monthly gasoline bills.

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