Brockville, Ontario Dealers 1000 Islands Toyota Announce Three Top Toyota Vehicles in Best Cars List

Brockville, Ontario Toyota Dealers, 1000 Islands Toyota have announced that three Toyota vehicles have made the Top 10 for 2017 within the Best Cars of the Year list. Included within the list is the Toyota Yaris iA, the Toyota Prius, and the Toyota Highlander. The vehicles made the top 10 list due their combination strong safety test performance and their immaculate style, which has resonated with consumers.

In order to determine the ideal vehicle for their travel needs in the coming years, drivers from across Ontario are now turning to leading research groups. The latest research data from within the industry and from vehicle experts is used to review vehicles and determine the best models on the current marketplace. As part of the Top 10 list of the Best Cars of the Year 2017, the experts have selected three leading Toyota models.

The Toyota Yaris iA is considered a refined entry-level model within the Subcompact class. It offers a fully-featured entertainment system and a high-performance six-speed automatic transmission for exceptional driving comfort and control. Leading the Compact Car category is the Toyota Prius, which offers an outstanding 52 MPG fuel economy and a comprehensive suite of safety features. The Toyota Highlander is the winner of the Midsize SUV category, and combines large amounts of cargo space with 25 horsepower from its V-6 engine, for an unparalleled driving experience.

The team at Brockville, Ontario Toyota Dealers, 1000 Islands Toyota is now offering affordable pricing on the latest and best models within the marketplace.

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