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4 Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips


The spring months are the ideal time to perform vehicle maintenance work. With winter now over, you can begin to evaluate and repair the damage to your car. Our team at 1000 Islands Toyota has many decades operating as one of the top used car dealerships in Brockville, so we’ve collected some vehicle maintenance tips for your benefit.

Check your windshield

During the winter months, your vehicle has likely been subjected to potholes, as well as icy weather that can sometimes cause chips and cracks to appear on the windshield. Make sure you take the time to check your windshield during the early spring months. And have those small cracks repaired before they develop into larger issues that compromise your visibility.

Have your battery inspected

The cold weather also has a significant impact on your battery. When the temperatures dip, it takes more energy for your battery to power the car. This can drain the battery quicker over the cooler months. Make sure you visit your local used car dealership to have your car battery inspected. Taking on this process now can help you avoid that morning the car won’t start and you’re late for work.

Replace the wiper blades

It’s a part of the car we don’t often consider until it’s raining or snowing, but the wiper blades must be replaced during the spring months. The ice and salt that accumulate during the winter can minimize the contact the blades make with the windshield and sometimes deform the blade completely. Simply replace the blades at the start of each spring to ensure your wiper blades perform effectively when required.

Review all lighting systems

As with your battery, your vehicle’s lighting system can degrade due to overuse during the dark and rainy winter period. You might have to replace worn components to ensure the lights work effectively during the rest of the year.

Our trusted team at 1000 Islands Toyota is now offering maintenance options for your vehicle! To learn more about the best ways to maintain your car, contact our used car dealership today.