5 Reasons to Buy a Toyota Camry

When it comes to investing in a new vehicle, buyers might find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices available, especially in regards to sedans. The new Toyota Camry stands head and shoulders above i's competitors. As one of today’s leading Toyota dealerships, the team from 1000 Islands Toyota has taken time to outline reasons to consider a Toyota Camry.

1. Safety

When it comes to the new Camry, rest assured that all aspects of car safety have been considered in its design. It comes equipped with rear-cross traffic alert options - in addition to blind-spot monitoring! The new Camry is also equipped with all of the standard Toyota Safety Sense features including a lane departure alert system, a pre-collision safety system, automatic cruise control, and high beam control.

2. Space

Another benefit of a new Toyota Camry is the the incredible amount of space inside the vehicle. Comfortable and spacious, it offers both drivers and passengers generous legroom. Although it’s considered a medium-sized sedan, it can easily fit five passengers plus any gear they may have. With ample storage space, the Camry is family-friendly and a great vehicle for group travel.

3. Power

The new Camry offers a range of engine choices that offer both power and efficiency. In addition to the standard V6 model,  four-cylinder and hybrid options also exist if you prefer boosted speed and convenience. No matter what engine type you choose, you can be sure that your new Camry will pack a punch (how many other sedans can say that?)

4. Lower Service Costs

When you purchase a new Toyota Camry, you also benefit from lower service costs which will help you keep it running like a dream. For each major scheduled service, you’ll pay a fraction of the price when compared to competitors, bringing down your overall vehicle maintenance cost.

5. Financing Options

Lastly, but certainly not least, the latest Camry model boasts a range of financing options for those in need that are affordable and flexible. When financing a new Toyota Camry, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting one of the best sedans on the market for the best price available.

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