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Top Ten Most Reliable Car Brands of 2016. Where did Toyota land?

Buying a new or used vehicle is a major decision, one that is often influenced by several factors, including:

  • Cost
  • Finance Options
  • Safety Ratings
  • Fuel Economy
  • Reliability

A popular publication aimed at rating consumer products, recently ranked the top ten car brands according to their overall reliability. Here are the top ten most reliable car brands of 2016:

10. Honda - Faulty infotainment systems and problematic transmissions placed Honda at the bottom of this year's list.

9. BMW - Improved reliability among several models of BMW's placed the German automaker over the Honda.

8. Infiniti - While Infiniti rose several places over last year's report, the brand's reliability fluctuates from model to model.

7. Hyundai - The addition of the reliable Santa Fe helped move Hyundai up to seventh on the list.

6. Mazda - Mazda maintained the same level of reliability it has offered in the past.

5. Kia - The automakers habit of addressing bugs though additional testing prior to model release allowed Kia to move to number five in the top ten list of most reliable car brands.

4. Audi - Audi actually lost one place this year due to the model A3's lackluster performance.

3. Buick - The American automaker rose four places to number three, as most of the brands problems have been worked out already.

2. Toyota - Using tried-and-true production methods, Toyota happily sits at the second most reliable car brand in 2016, hindered only by the redesigned Tacoma. With 12 other models to choose from, however, car buyers can still enjoy the performance and reliability that many have come to expect from the Japanese automaker. In fact, 1000 Islands Toyota maintains a huge stock of new and used Toyota’s fit for any budget.

1. Lexus - Proudly sitting at number 1, this luxury automaker provides outstanding reliability, performance, and style.

Toyota Leads the Way in 2016!

Both Lexus and Toyota have consistently provided outstanding reliability through the past few years, and show signs of continuing that proud tradition as new models prove to be just as reliable, if not more so, than others in their class.

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