Why 1000 Islands Toyota is One of the Best Local Auto Dealerships for Service Work

When looking for a specialist who can respond to all vehicle maintenance challenges, most now turn to their local auto dealerships. Dealerships have the on-hand expertise required to complete maintenance work within a quick timeframe and according to the highest of standards. Our team at 1000 Islands Toyota is recognized for their service leadership and within this post, we’ll look at why so many choose to have their vehicle serviced through our organization.

Convenient Shuttle Services

One of the most common challenges our customers face is that they have no way of completing their required vehicle maintenance during the workday. We can help respond to this challenge with convenient shuttle services in and around Brockville. We ensure customers make it to work quickly and have their vehicle back in peak condition within a fast timeframe.

Factory-Trained Service Technicians

1000 Islands Toyota is one of the only local auto dealerships to have two Certified Master Toyota Technicians on staff. And this means we can respond to all maintenance requirements with experienced expertise. The experience of our team means we’ve developed effective solutions to all common vehicle maintenance issues. It also means we can help consolidate our customers’ costs by completing work efficiently harnessing the latest tools.

Comfortable Service Areas

When a customer is waiting for their vehicle in our waiting areas, they’ll experience the highest levels of comfort. We have relaxing seating available throughout the space, and we also offer customers access to a Blackberry Playbook while they wait. This means they’re never left without something to read or watch while they wait for their vehicle work to be completed.

Low Cost Pick-up Service

When a customer’s vehicle breaks down within 100KM of our facility, they know they can depend upon 1000 Islands Toyota to respond to the issue. We offer close proximity pick-up services so that vehicles can be immediately taken back to the repair facility for analysis. It’s a service that provides peace of mind to all our local customers.

Free Loaner Vehicles

For those extensive repairs that require a little more time, we offer free loaner vehicles to our customers. Each vehicle within our loaner program has been examined by experts to ensure its performance. It’s an add-on service that has helped 1000 Islands Toyota to be recognized as one of the foremost auto dealerships in the Brockville area.

Our team is ready to address all service challenges for Toyota and vehicle owners! To learn more, contact our team now at (613) 342-9111.