undefinedOur Brockville Experts Explain the Advantage of Synthetic Oil for Your Used Cars

With the use of traditional oil products, your Toyota used cars are designed to be returned to your Ontario dealers every 8,000kms for oil replacement. However, the latest data shows that using synthetic oil can extend your oil change intervals to 16,000kms. This not only saves you money on oil changes but ensures your vehicle is kept in ideal running condition for longer. To explain further the benefits of synthetic oil, our 1000 Islands Toyota team will d highlight the topic in this latest blog post as it relates to new and used cars in Brockville.

Better Flow in Cold Weather

One of the main benefits of synthetic oil is its performance in cold weather. Synthetic oil is designed to by highly resistant to viscosity breakdown, which means that it can flow more easily in all types of weather and resist heat, friction, and contamination.

Potential Longer Engine Life

The performance of synthetic oil also means that it can potentially extend the engine life of used cars for owners in Brockville. It means that it’s unlikely to block important components and cause contamination within the system. This could help you to consolidate your vehicle maintenance costs over the long-term.

Superior Lubrication for Cool Weather Starts

One of the main challenges associated with running your engine during the winter time is the potential for the engine temperature to dip below freezing, limiting the flow of oil to the engine and thereby making it impossible to start your vehicle. Since synthetic oil is resistant to the impact of temperature extremes, the optimal flow can still be achieved even in the depths of winter, thereby ensuring the long-term value of the oil throughout the cool Canadian winter months.

Our team of understands the needs of new and used cars in Brockville and are here to guide you on your oil service options. To discover more on your vehicle and its maintenance requirements, contact us today!