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Benefits of Visiting Your Local Brockville Car Dealership

Whether you’re actively looking for a new or used vehicle or simply want to browse, visiting your local car dealership is a great way to get an idea of what’s within your price range. Dealerships like 1000 Islands Toyota in Brockville not only offer a wide selection of cars and trucks to choose from, but a host of other benefits as well.

Here, we’ll take a look at what makes working with a reputable dealership such a great experience for first-time car buyers and return customers alike! 

Inspections & Certified Vehicles

When you buy a used vehicle through a reputable Brockville car dealership like ours, you’ll be receiving a certified and inspected car. Furthermore, at 1000 Islands Toyota, we provide CarProof reports with every pre-owned vehicle we sell. CarProof provides the most comprehensive and thorough history report for vehicles you can get in Canada and across North America. Vital issues like liens, stolen vehicles, odometer fraud, crash history, and much more are all made available with CarProof. And since this reporting system is electronic, you are receiving the most up to date vehicle information available.

If a dealership refuses to provide you with an authentic CarProof report, we recommend that you not buy the vehicle on offer and instead make your purchase elsewhere.


Reputable car dealerships in Brockville will normally have plenty of in-stock pre-owned cars and vehicles to choose from. Taking the time and visiting a dealership’s website can give you an idea of what they may have in-stock, and the different prices associated with the models you are interested in. This can also give you more of an idea about what your budget is so you can visit your local Brockville dealership with more confidence about what you are looking for.

When you purchase from a private seller, you don’t get an entire lot of used cars to look at, or the peace of mind you’ll feel with an established dealership when it comes to test drives, sales conversations, and advice. A private seller may even present you with fake or misleading paperwork, and in a worst-case scenario, an attractive private vehicle listing could turn out to be a scam. With these risks in mind, we always recommend sticking with an established car dealership when purchasing a vehicle.

Financing Options & Finalizing Paperwork

Another advantage of working with a reputable car dealership (rather than a private seller) is that they often have relationships with banks to offer better financing opportunities. Dealerships will also offer in-house financing as well as other solutions with good interest rates. 

Additionally, a dealership can work with you to make it much easier to push your paperwork through when purchasing a new or used vehicle, offering quick credit approval and all the other ins and outs necessary to buy a car.

Contact our Brockville car dealership for peace of mind! 

Whether you’re buying a new or used car, or need quality auto maintenance and service, the team from 1000 Islands Toyota handles it all. Contact us online today or call (613) 342-9111.