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Apple CarPlay

Toyota has recently announced that vehicles in the coming year will feature Apple CarPlay. If you’re considering buying a Toyota, it’s important that you learn more about Apple CarPlay and the unique features the system can bring to your driving experience.

In this post, our Brockville team delves into the details on this new addition to the Toyota line.

Safer to use your iPhone

The Apple CarPlay system makes it safer and easier to use the iPhone within your car. You'll be able to integrate your most-used Apple applications from your iPhone into your onboard display to minimize the temptation to look at the phone while driving. This means you'll have access to all phone media and messages through your display.

Siri on command

Working with the Apple CarPlay system you can interact with Siri and find out more about the details of your day. You can ask Siri to provide you information about upcoming appointments, traffic, and other details. Another great benefit of the system is that you’ll be able to make calls through the onboard Bluetooth. You’ll be connected instantly via Siri to your entire address book, giving you the option of using voice commands to make that important call.

A complete entertainment solution

One of the leading reasons Toyota is now integrating the Apple CarPlay system within their Entune suite is that it provides the drive and their passengers a complete entertainment experience. Now drivers can seamlessly switch from their podcasts to their music of choice using simple voice commands. The process is designed to limit the stress of the driving experience and ensure optimal comfort and safety.

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