Buy A New or Used Toyota and Drive Away Satisfied


Buy A New or Used Toyota and Drive Away Satisfied

Anyone who's purchased either a new or used Toyota any time in the last few decades knows that Toyotas are among the safest and most reliable cars on the road.  Often, someone will absolutely fall in love with their first Toyota, keeping it running for years, and only replacing it with a new Toyota vehicle when they have to.

Now, we have a little more insight into why that is!  Polls into buyer satisfaction show that Toyota owners are among the most satisfied drivers in the country - making it easy to see why it is that once someone buys a Toyota, they often aren't satisfied with any other brand.

Consumer Reports: Toyota Buyers Among the Most Satisfied in The Market

A recent Consumer Reports poll among recent car buyers in the last few years revealed that the "Toyota effect" is real.  People who buy Toyotas truly are satisfied with their purchase, making them among the top-ranked cars in the study!  In fact, Toyota was the #1 brand among "full-line" automotive manufacturers.  That is, manufacturers who make every major type of consumer-grade vehicle, from subcompacts to trucks to electric hybrids.

Ultimately, more than three-fourths of buyers said they were satisfied with their new or used Toyota.  The only brands that beat them in terms of satisfaction were specialty manufacturers such as Porsche.  (And if someone can afford a Porsche, we certainly hope they're satisfied.)

The poll covered vehicles purchased in the 2015, 16, 17, and 18 model years, so it included a wide range of purchases.  This wasn't a simple "yes/no" survey either!  Buyers were asked to rate their purchases according to six separate criteria:  Comfort, driving experience, value, audio, styling, and climate control.  For Toyota to receive such high marks demonstrates how they are truly superior across the board.

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