Great Features the 2022 Toyota Corolla Has to Offer

When you want a great, reliable car that excels in a variety of situations, it's hard to go wrong with a Toyota Corolla in Brockville. The Corolla is typically considered the highest-selling car in the world, both in terms of overall numbers as well as yearly tallies, and for good reason. Few vehicles offer such a great combination of price and performance, and they're renowned for their longevity and ease of maintenance.

We've just gotten in the new 2022 Toyota Corolla, and there's a lot to talk about. Corollas keep getting more advanced, and more reliable. These are some of our favorite features in this year's model!

Four Great Things About The 2022 Toyota Corolla - Now Available In Brockville!

1 - Toyota Smart Connect

Toyota's suite of multimedia and smart connected features just keeps getting better. Your 2022 Corolla will come with a big 8-inch touchscreen full of features that will keep you safer and happier on the road.

This includes:

  • Live traffic information
  • 3D city maps
  • Signage warnings
  • Traffic camera locations
  • Voice-activated features
  • Amazon Alexa integration (requires Amazon Alexa account)

Better yet, the communications suite is integrated directly into the car. You do not need to pair your smartphone, and there are no extra data charges for using these features!

2 - Smart Stop Technology

Every year, thousands of accidents (roughly 16,000) happen due to unintentional application of the gas, such as accidentally hitting the wrong pedal. Your 2022 Toyota Corolla is watching out for this! If you suddenly accelerate in situations, you shouldn't, or hit both pedals simultaneously, Smart Stop Technology kicks in and tries to prevent an accident.

3 - Toyota Safety Sense

Your 2022 Toyota Corolla comes with numerous onboard sensors that work together to keep you safe! This includes pedestrian recognition, as well as onboard radar that monitors the position and velocity of other vehicles around you. Should a collision be likely, you'll be alerted and given more opportunity to avoid the accident.

4 - Adaptive Front Lighting

In low light conditions, you want your headlights pointing at where you're going - which is exactly what Adaptive Front Lighting does. The front headlights can swivel along with your wheels, so that the beams are pointing in the same direction the car is headed, even during steep turns.

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