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How to Get the Most from Your Next Car Dealership Visit

Whether you are buying a new car or bringing one in for service, our Brockville team at 1000 Islands Toyota has prepared a dealership tip guide to help you out!


Finding a car dealership near your home or workplace can be important for many people. After all, it’s the location where most vehicle owners will go for certified service and maintenance. What some clients don’t realize is that many locations also offer shuttle services, along with loaner vehicles in the event your car may be needed overnight. Be sure that the location you choose is not only convenient but also offers all the client support services you may need down the road.

Our Brockville car dealership, 1000 Islands Toyota, is proud to serve customers from the entire 1000 Islands community - Cornwall, Prescott, Morrisburg, Brockville, Gananoque, Kingston, Belleville, and Quinte West. You’ll find a variety of new and used Toyota vehicles, certified technicians and service solutions, parts, and obviously, a knowledgeable staff!

Do Your Research

We all know that when buying a new car or SUV, finding a good deal is often the most important factor. Depending on where a buyer goes, they may be inundated with upsell pitches and “sales language” meant to make the buyer believe they may need features and add-ons that aren’t required (this can be true for service visits as well). The 1000 Islands Toyota team won’t pressure you into making a decision, and won’t recommend a vehicle or features that aren’t right for your family.

Before you visit any dealership, be sure to research the vehicles you might be interested in, and look into the pricing, fees and options that are available. While not all dealerships are the same, our team in Brockville is always here to help you find the car you need and answer all your questions and concerns.

Pro Tip: When shopping for a used car, always be sure that the salesperson can provide you with a comprehensive history report about the vehicle you want to buy.

Know Your Vehicle Manual

Often overlooked by drivers, your car’s manual is a great way to learn about features, warning lights and signals. A general familiarity with your owner’s manual can help keep your vehicle in good condition and lower costs associated with delaying maintenance. Be sure to read over the troubleshooting section as well, since this can help you diagnose issues or explain a problem with the vehicle to your mechanic.

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