Is it Time to Invest in a Toyota Electric Car?


If you're looking to buy a new car soon, you've got a major choice to make beyond choosing which brand or model to purchase: is it time to choose a Toyota electric car, or stick with standard gas burners?

Even a few years ago, common wisdom was to stick with the proven technology. However, the 2010s have shown that electric cars are not simply a fad. Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids have continued to grow, there are more charging options than ever before, and we're seeing increasing government incentives for going electric. It'll take a while to get there, but it seems that internal-combustion engines (ICEs) are finally on their way out.

Toyota has long been a leader in the field, introducing the world's first mass-produced hybrid gas/electric vehicle with the Prius in 1997. Since then, Toyota has constantly innovated and now offers many of the best EVs and hybrid cars on the market. You really can't go wrong with a Toyota electric car or hybrid, and now is a great time to switch!

Why it's Time to Buy a Toyota Electric Car

The list of reasons why you should invest in an EV continues to grow every year.

1 - Slash your fuel costs

While it's true that EVs still cost a bit more than traditional gas burners, they can now more than make up for that in long-term cost savings. No matter where you live, whether here in Brockville or anywhere else in North America, it is simply cheaper to power your car with electricity rather than gasoline.

Studies have shown that the median savings on fuel is around $770 per year - and if you drive a lot, the savings just keep adding up.

Plus, that's not the only way EVs save you money.

2 - Electric cars require less maintenance

One of the less well-known benefits to choosing an EV is that the maintenance requirements are considerably lower. Electric vehicles are less mechanically complicated than internal-combustion engines, which makes it harder for them to break down. In addition, EVs lack many of the items which frequently have to be replaced on ICEs. With a Toyota electric car, you don't have to worry about oil changes, spark plugs, or timing belts, among other issues.

They're so reliable that you don't even need to take it in for a yearly 'checkup' like you would with an ICE!

Overall, the maintenance savings are typically more than $1,500 across the life of the vehicle, which makes it an even better long-term purchase when you want a vehicle that will last.

3 - Electric cars feel great to drive

Now, it may take you a little while to get used to how your new electric vehicle handles. They don't 'feel' quite like old ICEs. However, after a few days, you'll appreciate the ride all the more. Electric engines have instant torque. There's no ramp-up. You can zoom away with the press of the pedal, with incredibly responsive throttle and braking.

In addition, EVs have a lower center of balance than traditional vehicles, and that balance is spread over the weight of the vehicle. This is because the battery is the largest and heaviest part of the car, and it's mounted across the bottom. So, your ride will be exceptionally stable, and - in case of an accident - an EV is much less likely to roll over than traditional cars.

4 - You'll be amazed at the convenience of in-home charging

Another on the list of "how did I live without this?" features on Toyota electric cars is the ability to charge them at home. The cost of the charger and installation will add a bit to the initial cost, but after that, you might never have to visit a gas station again. Modern chargers can 'fill up' a Toyota EV in just a few hours, or easily overnight.

You just come home in the evening, plug it in, and you'll be good to go the next morning.

That said...

5 - Public charging spots continue to spread

One genuine concern about investing in EVs was the availability of charging stations once you're on the road, at least until recently. Thanks to a combination of market demand and government incentives, the number of public charging stations is exploding across North America. Besides being added to gas stations, an ever-growing number of businesses are setting up chargers in their parking lot so that you can refill while you're having dinner or doing your grocery shopping.

So today, there are tens of thousands of charging stations across Canada, with more being added every month. You'd have to go far off the beaten path to get into gas-only territory.

6 - Electric cars are good for the environment

For many people, the best reason of all to invest in an EV is that they are far better for the environment than gasoline. We all know that the oil supplies on our planet are limited, and we're burning through far more petroleum than the world can replace. We need to find better alternatives for powering transportation, and electricity is it.

Plus, of course, electric vehicles have far fewer harmful emissions than ICEs as well. An EV doesn't even have exhaust because there's simply no need for it. Electric cars are the green alternative to gas burners, and the worldwide benefits will only grow as more and more people switch to EVs. In terms of environmental benefits, there's simply no justification for staying on ICEs.

1000 Islands Toyota has the Toyota Electric Cars and Hybrids You Want

If you've decided it's time to stop burning gasoline and embrace the future of automotive travel, 1000 Islands Toyota provides the best in Toyota EVs and hybrids across Brockville and Kingston. We have highly knowledgeable staff, and a fully certified repair and upgrade crew who can ensure your new Toyota EV is in top shape.

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