More People Are Buying Used Cars - Is Now the Time to Buy?

If you've been thinking about picking up a new pre-owned vehicle, you're not alone! Sales of used cars have been climbing upwards since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Plenty of people are seeing the value in owning their own vehicles, now that public transportation options and ride-share services have become riskier. Combine that with lowered production of new cars, due to quarantine measures, and you've got a lot of used cars being sold.

Now's A Great Time to Trade-In

This could be particularly good for you if you decide to trade-in.  This boom in used cars has caused trade-in prices to go upwards significantly.  In fact, the New York Times is reporting that some dealers are even calling up customers looking for used cars to buy up.

You'll get more money than ever for your existing car if it's still in good/working condition.

Buy Smart - Buy from A Dealership

If you are looking into used cars, we have an important piece of advice. Don't buy off of some random stranger on eBay, or some other Internet site. eBay is fine for small items, but there are far too many scammers out there - especially in times like this when demand is high.

When you buy directly from an official dealership, you get numerous services and guarantees that you won't get from a private sale. Vehicles from dealerships like 1000 Islands Toyota will be better inspected (including CarProof Reports) and certified to run properly. You'll often have warranty guarantees as well. Plus, you get so much more selection when you buy from a dealership, compared to private sellers!

The 1000 Islands Toyota Difference

We're one of the top sellers of both new and used Toyota cars in Ontario, and that gives us the edge in experience, services, and selection!

We proudly sell certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles, meaning they've been comprehensively inspected.  We don't sell lemons!  Every used Toyota we sell is guaranteed to run properly, complete with a warranty - generally one year.  That means you know your purchase is safe when you buy from 1000 Islands Toyota.

We also offer haggle-free, no-fuss sales. We know you don't want to spend hours bickering over the price. We offer you a fair value right from the start, so you can drive off with your new car that much more quickly.

Just come visit if you'd like to see our selection of used cars, or contact us about specific models.