Used Cars in Brockville


Must-Know Tips for Buying a Used Car in Brockville

When it comes to buying a used car, there are a lot of considerations to make to ensure you get the very best deal. Not only do you need to consider financing options and maintenance history, but you also need to make sure the vehicle you purchase has all of the features you need. To help make shopping a little easier on you, our Brockville used car experts have gathered some tips for you.

Here you’ll find nine must-know used car buying tips from 1000 Islands Toyota!

1. Investigate the Vehicle Thoroughly

When it comes to buying a used car, always look at more than simply the price of the vehicle. Investigate it inside and out, paying close attention to things like accident and repair history, mileage, previous owners, and geographical origin. Often, the easiest way to obtain this information is through a Carproof report, which 1000 Islands Toyota offers.

2. Review Maintenance History

Another thing that can dramatically impact the performance of a used vehicle is the amount of maintenance completed by previous owners. Checking to make sure that the previous owner brought the vehicle in for regular service is one of the best ways to avoid buying a lemon.

3. Always Test Drive a Used Car

You’d never buy a home without first going inside, or hire a new employee without checking their references first. Likewise, you should never buy a car without first getting behind the wheel and taking it for a spin.

4. Have it Inspected by a Mechanic

Before buying a used car, in addition to test driving it and performing your own inspection, having it thoroughly inspected by a mechanic is essential. This is because a trained mechanic will be able to identify more subtle issues underneath the hood.

5. Check Dealership Reputation

When shopping for used and certified pre-owned vehicles, choosing a reputable dealership with a history of providing outstanding service is key. Not only will it make the buying process easier (1000 Islands Toyota offers a no-hassle approach) but it can also provide you with important financing options that can’t be accessed during a private sale.

6. Review Dealership Policies

Having a clear understanding of the policies at the dealership where you’re purchasing your used car is important. Does the dealership offer no-haggle pricing? Is there a warranty that covers parts and service for a certain amount of time? Being aware of such things can help protect your investment and ensure you have a good buying experience.

7. Is the Used Vehicle Certified?

When it comes to purchasing a used car, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is often the best way to ensure good value. Manufacturer certified vehicles often cost more upfront than non-certified used cars. However, there are often a host of benefits to buying certified pre-owned, such as lower interest rates, extended power-train warranties, and more.

8. Consider Financing Options

Very few people have enough cash in hand to purchase a used vehicle, which is why many dealerships offer financing opportunities based on your credit score and other factors. Some of the most common lease terms available begin at 36 months for older vehicles, and longer for newer models.

9. The Final Purchase

At some dealerships, you may need to engage in a bit of back-and-forth over price, which can be a difficult process. At 1000 Islands Toyota, we offer no-haggle pricing, so you know you’re getting a fair deal the first time price is discussed. During any final purchase discussion, you may also want to ask for a market value analysis, consisting of a pricing print out of similar vehicles on the market. This provides extra assurance that you’re paying a fair price for the vehicle.

Why Choose 1000 Islands Toyota for Your Pre-Owned Vehicle?

When it comes to purchasing the very best pre-owned vehicle in Brockville or the surrounding area, 1000 Islands Toyota has a wide range of vehicles in our inventory. But the selection isn’t the only reason why customers choose us.

We’re one of Ontario’s top Toyota dealerships because of our extensive expertise, and our dedication to finding you the right vehicle. Whether you’re searching for a pre-owned family sedan or a sporty hybrid model, our team will find the best car for your needs. 

We do things a little differently than some dealerships, offering no-haggle pricing on all vehicles. This means that on the showroom floor, what you see is what you get. You’ll never find yourself in a situation where fees and extra costs for accessories are added on during the signing process.

Lastly, 1000 Islands Toyota offers parts and service guidance on all of our certified Toyota pre-owned vehicles. We operate a cutting-edge service department designed to provide extensive maintenance and repair services, as well as key guidance on how to care for your newly purchased used vehicle.

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