Brockville, Ontario, Toyota Dealer 1000 Islands Toyota Support No Hot Pets Initiative

Brockville, Ontario-based Toyota dealer, 1000 Islands Toyota are continuing their support for the No Hot Pets initiative. The No Hot Pets initiative is designed to ensure local Ontario residents know what to do to report a pet left in a vehicle on hot summer days. The process of reporting the vehicle and the incident to the local police can help save the lives of thousands of pets over a busy summer season.

It can take just a few minutes within a hot car for a pet to overheat on a hot Ontario summer day. With temperatures set to reach well over 40c this summer, it’s imperative that pet owners and others within the community understand the importance of protecting animals and reporting incidents of animals left in hot vehicles. The No Hot Pets campaign is designed to help educate communities on the dangers of leaving pets inside hot vehicles.

The team at Brockville, Ontario, 1000 Islands Toyota dealership is now working to spread the word about the campaign and to support the campaign locally. One important consideration for pet owners is to visit pet-friendly businesses this summer, to ensure their beloved pets can escape the heat of their vehicle. Others can encourage pet-owning friends and family members to visit the No Hot Pets website and take the pledge not to leave their animals inside hot cars this summer season.

It's a campaign that is of immense importance to the safety of animals across Ontario. To discover more on the campaign and the work of 1000 Islands Toyota in supporting the No Hot Pets initiative, contact their team directly.

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