Our Ontario Toyota Dealers Look at 4 Future Car Concepts

By looking into the future of the marketplace, you can begin to learn more on the path the top vehicle manufacturers are taking in terms of design. The car concepts being released by the leading car makers offer insights into performance characteristics and features of new future vehicles. In this latest post, our 1000 Islands Ontario Toyota dealers highlight 4 future car concepts set to capture the market attention.

  • The i Road

The i Road is Toyota’s answer to congestion issues on modern roads. The maneuverability of the vehicle is its leading asset. It combines leading-class portability and a novel riding experience for the two passengers inside. It’s a vehicle that can be driven smoothly on roadsides and it only takes up one half of a conventional parking space.

  • FV2

The FV2 is the ultimate driving experience for the control-focused driver. The vehicle’s concept comes complete with the ability to control movement through leaning to either side, as with a motorcycle. The concept vehicle is still being developed but will feature gesture control and event recall as part of onboard displays. It’s a vehicle that will help bridge the gap between today’s smart on-board systems and tomorrow’s user/machine controlled hybrid technology.

  • FT-Bh

The FT-Bh is designed as a lightweight concept car and built for environmentally-friendly performance over the long-term. The vehicle is engineered to be compact on the outside but roomy on the inside. Its lightweight performance means that it uses little fuel and achieves significant speeds. It’s an entire vehicle designed based on the value of airflow and aerodynamics.

  • FT-1

The FT-1’s front engine rear-wheel-drive configuration is the ideal setup for a sports vehicle destined to dominate on the roads for the future. Each part of the vehicle has been designed for quick movement and fast reactions even on the most challenging of terrains.

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