The Benefits of Driving an Electric Car


Are you in the market for a new car but on the fence about hybrid electric vehicles? Toyota has been a world leader in hybrid vehicle technology for over 20 years. New models like the 2021 Toyota Sienna even come standard with hybrid technology - it’s neve been easier to get into a Toyota hybrid.

At 1000 Islands Toyota in Brockville, we carry a range of Hybrid electric cars - here are just a few reasons why they’re worth consideration.

Four Reasons to Choose A Hybrid Electric Car

  • A Quiet & Green Ride

When driving a hybrid electric car, you will immediately notice how quiet your ride is. There is almost no noise generated by the electric motor, and the gas engine is quiet, too. Hybrids are also a green choice, nearly eliminating idling time and relying partially on electric power to move the vehicle.

Driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle (like the Prius Prime or Rav4 Prime) will further reduce your carbon footprint over the lifetime of the car, by allowing you to re-charge your hybrid’s battery from a wall outlet or Electric Vehicle (EV) charger. This is especially true in Ontario, which has a relatively low-emissions energy grid.

  • Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Going with a hybrid or electric car can really save you money. The most obvious way is that you don’t have to go to the pump as often - some plug-in hybrid drivers rarely use the gas engine in their vehicle, preferring instead to re-charge the onboard battery directly from the power grid. No more filling up a few times a week or constantly checking to see what the fuel prices are.

Hybrids and electric cars are also becoming more affordable. Total cost of ownership over the life of the car, including reduced gas and maintenance costs, mean that hybrids are an effective investment for many families. Sticker prices on hybrid electric vehicles are getting lower, and the federal government even offers incentives on certain vehicles. Thanks to the zero-emissions program from the Government of Canada, you can enjoy incentives of $2,500 on new plug-in hybrid vehicles (subject to certain conditions).

  • Additional Savings on Service Costs

Not only will you enjoy saving at the pump and with government incentives, but you can also potentially save on traditional engine service and maintenance costs. Since hybrids can switch back and forth between fuel and battery power, you will see less engine wear over the life of the vehicle.

Hybrid vehicles also generate cost savings on brake maintenance by using regenerative braking to convert energy into power for the battery. Instead of relying on traditional brakes alone, the system uses friction to slow the vehicle and recharge the battery. This means less wear and tear on the regular brakes, and lower repair bills.

  • An Easy & Convenient Charge

Some buyers are hesitant about electric cars or plug-in hybrids due to uncertainty about battery life and charging. Toyota stands by its hybrid electric vehicles, offering impressive long-term battery warranties. EV charging systems are also commonplace now, with several public options and cost effective models that can be installed at your home. Plus, any plug-in hybrid can be charged from a regular wall outlet with the correct charging adapter.

Shop Electric & Hybrid Cars at 1000 Islands Toyota

From the new Hybrid Corolla to the Prius Prime, Hybrid RAV4, and Toyota Sienna, we have the hybrid electric car that fits your needs. We serve customers from Brockville, Prescott, Gananoque, Smiths Falls, Kemptville and all across Eastern Ontario. Contact our team today for more information.