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What Not to Do When Trading in Your Vehicle
at Local Brockville Car Dealerships


Many vehicle owners are finding they can maximize the value of their next vehicle purchase by trading in their old vehicle. But when visiting your local Brockville car dealerships, it’s important you know how to ensure the ideal trade-in deal. With that in mind, we’re highlighting what not to do when trading in your vehicle at local Brockville car dealerships.

Overestimating Vehicle Value

While your car might have great sentimental value, it may not match your monetary expectations when you go to trade it in at the dealership. Make sure you use tools online to determine the true value of your vehicle before visiting the dealership. In some cases, you might find your vehicle has a greater value than you expected, allowing you to reduce the amount paid for a new vehicle.

Taking on Expensive Repairs

While you might lose value in your vehicle if it has a significant repair issue, you’re unlikely to achieve a return on investment if you take on costly repairs before trading it in. Engine repairs and other complex fixes often cost more than the increase in value if you had the problem fixed. And so you might be better off if you complete small repairs and the cleaning of your vehicle before you trade it in, while leaving the larger repairs to be completed at the dealership after they receive your vehicle in the trade.

Failing to Provide Documentation

The documentation regarding your vehicle’s past repairs and licensing information will be important for auto dealerships in Brockville in properly valuing the vehicle. In some cases, the dealership will not accept a trade-in without all the required documentation. Dealers will need to see the collision history of the vehicle and the information on past repairs before proceeding, and so you might have to contact your insurance company for past claims details if you don’t have the data available.

Our team at 1000 Islands Toyota is here to help guide you in completing trade-ins effectively. To discover more about the trade-in process and the steps involved, contact our team today!