Top Brockville Car Dealers, 1000 Islands Toyota, Are Proud to Stock the New 2018 Toyota C-HR

April 12, 2017 - Brockville, ON - The new 2018 Toyota C-HR is coming to Canada, and 1000 Islands Toyota, a Brockville car dealership, is one of the first dealers to get these amazing new vehicles on the lot.

This brand-new model offering from Toyota is one of the most unique and distinctive cars they've ever offered: A hybrid subcompact crossover that combines a deceptively roomy interior, superior gas mileage, and absolutely stunning looks that are bound to turn heads as it speeds down the highway.

The C-HR, or Compact High-Rider, sports a peppy 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine capable of 144 horsepower and an impressive 139 foot-pounds of torque. A computerized "Sport Mode" simulates 7-speed sequential shifting, giving it enhanced acceleration even at high engine speeds - a fantastic way to ensure it has all the power needed to stay safe at highway speeds.

It also sports Toyota's revolutionary new Safety Sense systems, designed to help prevent driver-error accidents. With Toyota Safety Sense, the onboard computers are constantly monitoring the surrounding environment with both cameras and laser scanners. A Safety Sense-enabled C-HR can automatically brake to avoid obstacles ahead, alert the driver to unintended lane drifting, or even manage high-beams at night to maximize visibility without blinding other drivers.

The C-HR is a new revolution in Toyota automobiles, and 1000 Islands Toyota is among the first Brockville car dealers stocking it in Canada. Interested buyers should act fast - this car will move.

About 1000 Islands Toyota

Widely recognized as one of the most-respected Brockville car dealers, 1000 Islands Toyota is committed to providing customers with top service and top prices. With more than 35 years in business, 1000 Islands has a long-established reputation which keeps bringing buyers back time after time for the latest in Toyota vehicles and technology. A long history of philanthropy and giving back to the local community also helps put 1000 Islands at the top of the list when someone is shopping for great Toyota values.

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