Brockville Car Dealerships:
Toyota's New EnTune System

  • Who doesn't love in-car entertainment, along with hands-free connectivity and access to some cool apps? With Toyota's new EnTune system, driving just got more fun. Although new in the in-car infotainment space, EnTune has already been getting rave reviews for its user-friendly interface and smooth functioning. Brockville car dealerships offer both new and used Toyota vehicles with this smart infotainment system.
  • To put it simply, EnTune is an integrated multimedia navigation system, which provides riders information related to weather, traffic, stocks, and sports, among others. With a touchscreen functioning like a smartphone, this navigation system keeps riders updated on important information on the go, all at a single touch.

How Does Toyota Entune Work?

  • Auto dealerships in Brockville offer Toyota vehicles with the EnTune system. But there's a catch: the system does not work without a smartphone. So the first thing you need to be able to access the features of this navigation system is an Apple, Android, or BlackBerry phone, preferably with Wi-Fi or unlimited data plan.
  • To start accessing this system you have to register your phone with EnTune, and then download the EnTune app on your phone. This app holds everything that you would need to use the EnTune system.
  • After you activate EnTune, your car's touchscreen serves as the chief mode of operation. Since your phone provides the internet connection for operating the system, you must have your phone in the car whenever you want to use EnTune. Without your phone and its data connection, the system isn't going to work.

Features of EnTune

  • Some of the most important features of the EnTune system are Bluetooth connectivity, streaming, and voice recognition. With these power packed features, you don't have to worry about losing connectivity with everything you love even when you go into the remotest corners of the world.
  • Hands free calling, HD radio, music streaming, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, traffic and weather updates, and phone book access are just some of the benefits of the EnTune system.
  • The collection of apps is pretty limited, but they do the job well. Pandora Music, Bing search engine, MovieTickets.com, OpenTable, iHeartRadio, and Toyota's own data app are the only ones available on EnTune at the moment, with no option of adding any other apps. This might change in future since Toyota has plans of gradually adding other apps.

What sets Toyota EnTune Apart?

While several cars have navigation systems, Toyota's app-only approach is what makes it different from the rest. With connectivity being the demand of the hour, Toyota manages to impress its customer base with this smart, responsive navigation system. EnTune is quick at 0.6 seconds, and also offers a wireless charging pad for smartphones. The only drawback is only one USB port, which may not be sufficient for a family where everyone owns a smartphone.

Toyota’s reliable service and safety features, combined with the EnTune navigation system, make the brand a favorite with sedan-loving families. Contact 1000 Islands Toyota, your nearest Brockville car dealerships to check out the EnTune system today.