What Makes a Good Drive So Good?


We've all had that moment of getting behind the wheel of a new car, revving the engine, feeling the handling as you move out onto the street, and smoothly merging into the flow of traffic. Everything about the car just feels right and satisfying.

It's a good drive - but why, exactly, does it feel so good?

There are a lot of possible reasons, so let's talk about some of the theories. Maybe they'll help explain why it feels so good to try out a new or used Toyota vehicle!

Why A Great Car Feels So Good to Drive

1. Torque = Power

Torque refers to a twisting force that creates rotation, and it's the main component in making your car feel responsive. A car with good torque can spring into action almost instantly, without having to wait for the engine to rev up. You push the pedal, and it goes vrooooom.

That feeling of instant power is inherently satisfying, and it's why high-torque cars feel good.

2. Adrenaline

Adrenaline is a hormone our bodies produce whenever anything exciting or scary happens. It causes your blood pressure to rise, increases your heartbeat, and even a rise in body temperature. It's the flush of adventure, and it feels good.

So, when driving a car gets your adrenaline pumping, your biology tells you that it's fun and exciting, which is another reason it feels great.

This has even been backed up by research, such as in the journal Innovation. When a car is exciting to drive, people want to drive more - even if they don't necessarily need to drive someplace.

3. Personalization

The other amazing thing about driving a great car is that the experience is so personal. Everyone drives and experiences the drive the way they want to. Some people want the rush and excitement of high acceleration. Others prefer the calm meditation of cruising down a highway, listening to music or podcasts while watching the city slide by.

A great drive enables each driver to enjoy their vehicle the way they want to, without mechanical problems getting in the way of the fun. The car does exactly what you want it to, and you can simply enjoy the ride.

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