What You Need to Know About Charging Your Toyota Electric Cars


Toyota has fully embraced the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution! With the recent introduction of the RAV4 Prime, Prius Prime, bZ4X, and more, there are a full range of Toyota electric cars ready for your garage!

However, switching to an EV does take some getting used to, particularly the question of charging your electric cars. So, let's quickly go over the basics you need to know!

I. The Three Levels of Charging

There are currently three types of chargers on the market, based on how much power they provide and how quickly they can charge your EV. These are:

Level 1: Level 1 uses a standard 120-volt AC outlet and can theoretically work off almost any outlet. However, this is also the slowest way to charge. It can only deliver around 3-6kW per hour, so you could be looking at long waits to recharge your electric cars.

Level 2: Level 2 is the most popular for home charging stations. It uses a dedicated 240-volt AC outlet, basically taking the maximum your home can provide. These charge up to 5x as quickly as Level 1 chargers, with around 4-6 hours to hit full charge.

Level 3: Level 3 requires a dedicated 480-volt DC outlet, which is only available on commercial properties, such as public charging stations. They can potentially charge an EV in less than an hour.

II. Should You Install a Home Charger?

Almost certainly yes. This will add to your initial costs and may require some wiring work. However, once it's installed, you'll have the convenience of recharging your EV whenever you're at home.

Also, this can easily save you money overall compared to public chargers. After all, a commercial charging station needs to pay for overhead and make at least a little profit. But there's no markup on your home power supply!

Plus, EV chargers are becoming a big selling point in the home sales and rental markets. It could make your home much more sellable if you ever decide to move.

III. Where Can You Find Other Chargers?

Canada is quickly rolling out charging stations across the country, with more than 5,000 already in place supporting Level 2 or Level 3 charging. If you want to look up locations in specific areas, use the Transport Canada website to find your nearest options or plot out a cross-country trip.

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